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The island of Bali belongs to Indonesia, as we are constantly reminded by its chaotic traffic and its very affordable prices, but it has such a way of being that it seems like a country of its own. Just looking at pictures of Bali, it’s hard to believe that it is part of a Muslim nation characterized by gigantic and chaotic cities (Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world). In Bali, you divide your attention only between the beauty of the beaches, the temples and the monkeys.

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And don’t even think about not taking care of them, because they are excellent pickpockets capable of anything to steal your food and drinks, hehe. They even ‘kidnap’ small objects, such as glasses and caps, to exchange for food. Hard to believe? Go to Bali to see it for yourself! But of course the mischievous monkeys are just another island attraction. And there’s so much more.

The Balinese practice a religion of their own – Balinese Hinduism – and this isolation has contributed to the development of unique handicrafts, cultural manifestations, architecture and even massage technique in the world. Add to that its beaches, temples and rice terraces and you will understand why Bali is not only the most visited of Indonesia’s 13,667 islands, but one of the main tourist destinations on the planet.

This 5,600 square kilometer piece of land is located almost on the border between Southeast Asia and Oceania, which makes it a very popular destination among the thousands of Brazilians who study or live in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, its prices are among the lowest in the world for tourism, which sounds like music to the ears of those who receive a salary in the so devalued real.

The fact that the island is suffering from pollution, overpopulation and uncontrolled mass tourism has also led people of all nationalities to rush their trip. Everyone wants to record in memory and on camera the spiritual, cultural and natural paradise that made the island famous, before it disappears.

Photos of Bali with its beaches, sometimes with a sea so blue that they remind you of the Caribbean, sometimes with natural pools of warm water wedged between rocks; its holiest (and thieving) inhabitants, the apes; its ancient palaces and beautiful temples; its perfect waves for surfing, its delicious cuisine, its beautiful handicrafts sold at a bargain price, its rice terraces as far as the eye can see, its massage – considered the best in the world -, the color of its clothes, dances and offerings, its for its killer sunsets etc etc etc.

Bali was the last stop for writer Elizabeth Gilbert in her ‘best seller’ book Eat Pray and Love – later made into a film starring Julia Roberts. This is where the ‘love’ part takes place, when the writer meets a great passion on the streets of the city of Ubud, the island’s cultural capital. But Bali has room for all the verbs in Gilbert’s book, plus many more: eat, pray, love, drink, dance, shop, relax, surf, tan, meditate, walk, dive, be enchanted…

Check out 62 pictures of Bali in the gallery below and you will be enchanted too!

*** Escolha Viajar was in Bali in February 2015 ***

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