The Ancient City Around of Side


Seleukeia Ancient City

It is estimated that the city, whose real name is thought to be Lyrbe, was confused with another city founded in a region close to Side in the 3rd century BC.

Some of the finds from the archaeological excavations are on display at the Antalya Archeology Museum, and some at the Side Archeology Museum.

Since it is not under protection, the entrance to the Ancient City of Seleukeia is free and you do not need a Müzekart for this.

Moreover, this unexplored area is covered with trees, making the trip more enjoyable.

Selge Ancient City

In addition to the ruins of structures such as temples, necropolis, city walls and churches, there is also a theater with a capacity of 9 thousand people.

The entrance to the ancient city is free, but it is very worn because it is not under protection. Also, there is no information sign.

However, if you stop by when you come to see Köprülü Canyon, you will not be able to get enough of its view.

Etenna Ancient City

The Ancient City of Etenna, popularly known as Dedekalesi, is located in the village of Back, adorned with pine forests. It sheds light on history with its walls, necropolis, cisterns, basilica and gates that surround the city.

The city, which you can see for free, is thought to be connected to Pisidia.

Alara Han

The inn, which was established very close to the Alara Stream, was built in 1231 with the intention of a resting place for caravans and has managed to survive until today.

During the Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat Period, it was built as a full-fledged mosque, fountain and bath.

If you want to visit the inn, you have to stop by the restaurant opposite. After paying the last (2022) 5 TL entrance fee, they will show you the entrance way.

Alara Castle

Alara Castle, located on a hill that is the shadow of the Alara Stream, consists of two parts. To reach the Citadel, you have to reach the peak.

This castle, which you can visit for free, was built out of a desire to dominate the Silk Road. You can enjoy the view by spending time in the businesses in this region.


This river, also known as Köprüpazar River due to the fame of the markets established on the bridge over it, and stretching from the Taurus Mountains towards the Mediterranean, passes by the ancient city of Selge.

Hosting many bridges and canyons, the river is also ideal for water sports.

Side Small Beach

This beach in the west of Side can provide basic beach services, including the walking path built by the municipality.

Cafes and restaurants on the beach will be enough to meet your needs. This beach, which is also a part of Side Antique City, is preferred quite often.

Side Big Beach

This beach, located to the east of Küçük Beach, was given this name because it is larger than the other.

You can get sunbeds and umbrellas at Side Büyük Beach. You can also spend time in the businesses located here.

Transportation to Side

While you can have a holiday in Side during the summer months, if you want to get away from the crowds, you can also choose the autumn season.

Side, which you can reach by minibuses from Antalya Bus Station, is also 60 km away from Antalya Airport.

It is also possible to reach Side by public transport from Manavgat district. If you are planning to visit the surrounding towns, you can choose to rent a car.

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