Highlands of Artvin


Borcka Karagol Plateau


After taking the Borcka-Camil road, reach the 27th km and turn east. Then, after 20 km, you will reach Karagöl.

Borçka Karagöl Plateau, located in the Karagöl section of the national park, is the most suitable area for camping.

If you didn’t bring camping equipment with you, don’t worry because there are places to rent camping equipment on the plateau.

Kaçkar Plateau


The Kaçkar Plateau is a place where you can’t even believe that there is such a place on earth, with a clean air, every shade of green, the sky is always blue, and there is plenty of oxygen.

Kackar Plateau, which is perhaps the most famous of the Black Sea plateaus , will draw you in as soon as you see it with its lush nature.

Sincere locals will go to Kaçkar Plateau, which is a perfect place with its air, atmosphere and everything, and it will be much more enjoyable if it plans to stay here for at least 1-2 days.

Let us remind you that planning cannot be done without a guide, even if you are thinking of climbing the majestic Kaçkar Mountains surrounding Kaçkar Plateau, which is 60 km away from Yusufeli district center. Since there is a possibility of encountering animals such as wild goats, lynx, wolves, bears, jackals and foxes, it is possible to climb the Kaçkar Mountains only with guides.

You can also search for the accommodation facilities of Kaçkar Tourism Center on the Yaylalar Village road.

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by Altiparmak Village and visit the Barhal (Altiparmak) Church.

Kafkasör Plateau

Kafkasör Plateau, also known as Kafkasör Tourism Center, located in the southwestern part of Artvin province, is at an altitude of 1250 meters, but the festive enthusiasm here, especially in summer, is not comparable to other plateau festivals.

The fact that the healing waters called Acısu, Yalnızhasan and Cıskaro are in Kafkasör Plateau increases the interest of local and foreign tourists coming to Artvin.

Mersivan Plateau

Mersivan Plateau, which has a unique location on the skirts of Genya Mountain surrounding the city center of Artvin, is not as well known as other Artvin plateaus, but is actually one of the first places to come for those seeking silence and peace.

The Mersivan Plateau, which is surrounded by forests, is covered with wide plains in general.

Macahel Plateau

Macahel or Maçahel of Artvin Borcka district does not actually consist of a single region; on the contrary, it is the name of the area consisting of 6 villages close to each other. These villages are Camili, Regular, Maral, Efeler, Kayalar and Uğur.

Macahel Plateau, which draws attention with its rich flora and fauna, also has many rain forests.

The name of Macahel Plateau, which is separated from other Black Sea plateaus with its location and climate on the coast, comes from the combination of the Georgian words maca (wrist) and heli (hand).

If you are going to pass from Borcka to Macahel Plateau, you must first ascend to an altitude of 1850 meters until the Küçük Plateau, and then cross a passage where you will descend 400 meters.

Declared as a “Biosphere Reserve Area” in 2005, the Macahel Plateau region will undoubtedly be one of the unforgettable stops of your Artvin trip.

Arsiyan Plateau

The main thing that makes Arsiyan Plateau, which has a perfect location between the Posof district of Ardahan and the villages of Ilıca, Demirkapı and Pınarlı in Artvin Şavşat, is that it is covered with lakes on all four sides.

You can also visit the springs of Cevizli, Kayadibi, Yaşar and Saylıca villages at the foot of Arsiyan Mountain.

Beyazsu Plateau

You will simply be enchanted by the dazzling view of Beyazsu Plateau, located at the foot of the 3415-meter-high peak of Karçal Mountain.

Back Plateau

When our route is one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, the plateaus occupy a large place in this list.

Back Plateau is less well-known than other Artvin plateaus, but it is definitely a must-see.

You can pass through Yusufeli or Arhavi, especially to the Back Plateau, where the sun sets beautifully, but it is not so easy to reach by normal passenger cars. The 9th floor of the sky is also used for the Back Plateau, which is easier to reach by 4×4 or high vehicles.

The absence of any facilities has left this place as untouched as possible, which is what makes Back Yayla special.

Churches and Monasteries

Dolishane Church

The construction date of Dolishane Church, which sheds light on Artvin’s past and greets its visitors with all its splendor, dates back to the 10th century.

Dolishane Church, which is located within the borders of Hamamlı Village and is also known as Hamamlı Church among the people, was renamed Church Mosque after it was converted into a mosque in the 17th century.

Tekkale Monastery

In fact, Tekkale, which is not a single monastery, but has a complex structure, has both a historical church, a seminar room and a place called Trapeza.

Let us also remind you that the chapel in the southeast is astonishingly beautiful.

Barhal Church

Although Barhal, also known as Parhali Monastery, is located in the Yusufeli district of Artvin, it actually has the title of being the only surviving structure from a monastery complex.

Therefore, at first sight, you are likely to find it smaller than other Georgian monasteries in Artvin.

Okhta Ecclesia (Four Churches) Monastery

Located in the Yusufeli district of Artvin and having a total height of 1350 meters, Okhta Ecclesia, also known as Dört Church Monastery, has the title of being one of the most important Georgian places of worship in the city.

Like many other Christian religious structures in Artvin, the Four Churches Monastery is well preserved and transports you back a few centuries as soon as you step inside.

Castles of Artvin 

Satlel Castle

We are sure that you will be surprised to see that the fortification walls of the castle are still standing intact, although it is not as it was on the first day.

The historical Satlel Castle, which also includes the remains of a cistern and chapel, is likened to Bagratlı castles in terms of its structure.

Ferhatli Castle

The construction date of Ferhatlı Castle, which is located 5 km from the Ardanuç district center of Artvin, dates back to the 5th century.

Ferhatlı Castle, built by the Iberian King Vantang, combines with the magnificent view of the parallel valley and offers wonderful views.

Skiing in Artvin

Atabari Ski Center

If there is highland tourism, thermal tourism, nature tourism, but not winter tourism in Artvin?!

If you are going to visit Artvin, which offers the opportunity to have activities and holidays in different concepts during the four seasons of the year, in the winter months, you should first turn your route to Atabarı Ski Center.

You can both have a great skiing holiday at very affordable prices and explore the other natural beauties of Artvin.

Access to Atabarı Ski Center, which has accommodation facilities, is also very easy.

Artvin’s Museums

Lifestyle Museum

You can find ethnographic objects in the Lifestyle Museum, which reveals the local life of Artvin from past to present, as well as the opportunity to see closely the family trees of the families who lived in Dikyamaç Village.

Transition from Artvin to Georgia

Sarp Border Gate and Georgia

If you’ve visited so many places in Artvin but still say it’s not enough, let’s take you to Batumi right away.

No visa or passport requirement; Batumi, where you can only enter with your ID card, is only 75 km away from Artvin city center (1 hour and 45 minutes drive).

You can go to Batumi in a short time by going to Sarp Border Gate, which is our Georgia border gate, from Artvin .

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