Places to Visit in Artvin


Artvin, one of the greenest cities in Turkey and the pearl of the Black Sea, opens the doors of an unforgettable Black Sea holiday to its visitors with its many must-see places.

If you wish, you can visit other Black Sea cities after Artvin, or you can find the opportunity to see many places of Artvin with a 3-4 day holiday plan.

We are sure that you will be very hungry after visiting this beautiful city with plenty of oxygen; You can take a look at our Artvin Taste Stops article and get detailed information about the city itself as well as its good food.

Here are the main places that you should not leave without seeing in Artvin, one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea:

Artvin Touristic Places

Natural Beauties and National Parks in Artvin

Mençuna Waterfall and Twin Bridge

If you happen to be in the Arhavi district of Artvin, the first of the natural beauties you will come across will be the Mençuna Waterfall.

The Mençuna Waterfall, which also hosts a small recreation area, amazes everyone who sees it, integrated with the legendary view of the Twin Bridge right next to it.

You can enjoy a picnic to the fullest by looking at the Mençuna Waterfall, where the Twin Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 18th century, adds a bearish air.

The bridges that make up the Twin Bridge, also called the Double Bridge, are incredibly similar to each other and both consist of a single eye.

Hell Creek Canyon


Reminiscent of a sheer wall, the Hell Creek Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions not only in Artvin, but also in the entire Black Sea Region.

It is possible to proceed for a few kilometers in this unique place where you will be like an ant among the remarkable rocks with its height exceeding 200 meters. This protection of natural formations undoubtedly increases the interest shown in the canyon.

We recommend you to spend at least half a day at the Hell Creek Canyon, located at the 25th kilometer of the Artvin-Ardanuç highway.


Located among the hidden paradises of Artvin, Deliklikaya is one of the still undiscovered gems of the city…

In Deliklikaya, the crown jewel of Artvin’s nature tourism, you have the chance to photograph the waters flowing through the hole in the middle of the huge rock.

Maral Waterfall

Surrounded on three sides by the 3415-meter-high Kaçkar Mountains, the most special and beautiful place of the Maçahel Valley, the Maral Waterfall, the rushing waters fall from a height of approximately 65 meters.

Ciro Waterfall

Ciro Waterfall, one of the most preferred trekking routes of both Artvin and all of Turkey, is located within the borders of Kaçkar Mountains National Park in Yusufeli district.

Ciro Waterfall in Kaçkar Mountains National Park, which fascinates everyone with its waterfalls, glacial lakes, streams whose flow rate never decreases and more, will be the most unforgettable point of your Artvin trip.

Otingo Hot Spring


Otingo Thermal Spring, located in Borcka district of Artvin, which has made a name for itself in thermal tourism with its healing waters, welcomes many local and foreign tourists in all four seasons.

You can visit the Otingo Hot Spring of Balcı Village, one of the most beautiful places in Borcka, whenever you want.

Hatila Valley


Hatila Valley, where the glass observation terrace is added to the rock junction, and which impresses everyone with its majestic appearance, attracts the attention of nature photographers in particular.

The glass terrace, which is 7 meters long and 7.5 meters wide, covers a total area of ​​50 square meters.

Star Lake


Yıldız Lake, whose reputation spreads throughout the Black Sea with its ice-cold water, maintains its place among the most “untouched” natural beauties you can see and see.

The water of Yıldız Lake, which is the first place visited by those who want to escape from the sweltering heat of the summer months, is unfortunately too cold to stay in it.

Karagol Sahara National Park


We recommend you to spare at least 1 day to visit Karagöl Sahara National Park, which includes Karagöl and Sahara Plateau in Şavşat, one of the most touristic districts of Artvin.

If you wish, you can visit the national park, which consists of 2 separate sections, Karagöl and Sahara Plateau, accompanied by a local guide.

It is possible to reach Karagöl, which is only 45 km away from Şavşat district center, by your private vehicle or by public transport. No matter what season you visit Karagöl, which has a postcard-like beauty, you can be sure that you will catch exquisite shots.

Karagöl Sahara National Park, which is almost a place falling from heaven, is one of the first places that comes to mind as soon as you say Artvin, literally.

You also have the opportunity to camp in Karagöl, which is an ideal place to spend a quiet and peaceful day away from the crowd, stress and noise. So much so that anyone who comes here does not want to leave again.


As you go up the hill in the city center of Artvin, a magnificent and big Atatürk statue will greet you. Not to mention that indescribable emotions will surround you…

The gigantic Inscription We Are In Your Footsteps, right next to the Atatürk statue, should definitely be photographed.

The statue, which was built with the use of 10 tons of copper and 40 tons of steel and weighs 60 tons in total, has the distinction of being the largest Atatürk statue in the world.

The 22-meter-high statue is a 13-minute drive from Artvin city center; ie 4 km away.

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