Bartin Campgrounds


Turkey is truly a paradise for campers and those who want to have a four-season nature holiday .

Located in the Western Black Sea , as the neighbor of Kastamonu , Karabük and Zonguldak , Bartın has beautiful villages and camping areas besides its historical beauties and local flavors .

Bartın is a very lucky city with its deep blue sea and lush forests .

For those who want to camp in both summer and winter seasons , there are many paid and free campsites in the region. There are so many options that it is impossible not to get confused. To avoid this confusion, I have prepared a list for you.

All you have to do is imagine what kind of camp you want to do. Because if you want to wake up to the sea view in Bartın , there is an option, if you want to sleep with the sound of water by the waterfall, there is that too. Well, the forest is everywhere!

Let’s take a look at the Bartın campsites together.

Bartin Free Campgrounds

Uluyayla Campground

Are you dreaming of a quiet camp away from the city ? Then Uluyayla Campground, where even the phone does not receive, can be a good choice.

Access to the plateau, which is 27 kilometers away from the Ulus district of Bartın , is easy except during the rainy season .

It is worth mentioning that the last kilometers of the plateau can be challenging for the vehicle during periods of rainy weather.

Uluyayla, Turkey’s longest plateau , offers nature lovers an endless opportunity to camp with its 7-kilometer area . Just imagine it like this: a lush forest , meadows that stretch as far as the eye can see, and a sky that puts a show on you at night .

It is forbidden to light a fire in Uluyayla Campground , so you can bring a fire bucket with you.

However, there are no facilities at the campsite, so be sure to complete your shopping and go.

Zoni Plateau Campground


Zoni Plateau Campground, which is 10 km from Bartın ‘s Arıt Municipality , is a point located at an altitude of 1100 meters .

Although the Zoni Plateau, where active wildlife continues, is a suitable area for camping in all seasons , it can force your vehicle in rainy weather as it has a dirt road .

In Zoni Plateau Campground, which is suitable for both caravan and tent camping, besides camping, you can experience sports such as safari and climbing , and enjoy hiking and mountain biking trails .

There are no facilities in this camping area, where you can breathe the fresh air of the Küre Mountains . For this reason , you can buy natural products from the villages around the plateau and complete your grocery shopping.

Kokurdan Plateau Campground


Kokurdan Plateau Campground is a 1500 meters high plateau located 45 kilometers from the Kumluca Municipality of Bartın .

There are no facilities in this camping area, which will be liked by those who want to camp away from the noise in a unique nature . Those who will camp should not forget to complete their grocery shopping before going to the region.

Do not forget to take your camera with you if you want to capture beautiful views and improve yourself in nature photography at the Kokurdan Plateau Campground, where you can see almost the entire scale of green . Because there are many untouched natural beauties in the region .

Göldere Waterfall Campground


Would you like to sleep with the sound of a waterfall in an area completely isolated from noise ? If your answer is yes, mark this waterfall on your map, which is 22 km from the Kurucaşile district of Bartın .

There are no facilities in Göldere Waterfall Campground located in Kanatlı Village . Do not forget to complete your shopping before reaching the campsite.

Although the water of Göldere Waterfall is cold, you can swim in the pond when the weather is hot; You can take a walk on the surrounding paths .

If you are camping during a rainy season, it can be dangerous to camp near the waterfall due to the possibility of the water overflowing . Be sure to choose the spot where you will camp.

A little note: The campground generally has a bumpy road and slippery rocks . Make sure you wear shoes suitable for this challenging hike.

Kapısuyu Beach Campground


Let’s take those who want to camp at a point by the sea , where green and blue meet: Kapısuyu Beach Campground is just for you!

Although transportation to the region is provided by private vehicle, there is no difficulty; Only 3 km from Kapısuyu Village . (You can also do your grocery shopping from this village, because there are no facilities in the camping area .)

Kapısuyu Beach will show you this place if you ask because it is very popular . Despite its popularity, the camping area, located away from the city, is a quiet and peaceful area .

If you want to camp here by the sea, you continue to stay within the borders of Bartın; but if your preference is the forest side, hoop you are on the border of Kastamonu !

There is a fresh water crossing line between the two regions at Kapısuyu Beach Campground . The most enjoyable point of camping is exactly the boundary where fresh and salt water are separated.

Konak Beach Campground


Konak Beach Campground, which is accessible from Akkonak Village of Bartın , is another option for those who want to camp by the sea in Bartın.

Those who want to have a calm sea air and enjoy the pleasure of camping and sea together can camp at any point in the region free of charge.

If you wish, you can ask the fishing boats to experience a different experience and follow the trekking routes at Konak Beach Campground.

There are also paid camping spots in the region as well as free . You can get your toilet , shower and grocery shopping here.

Bartin Paid Campgrounds


Kure Mountains National Park Campground
Located on the Bartın-Kastamonu border , Küre Mountains National Park Campground is the right choice for campers who want to participate in various activities .

Orienteering races are held from time to time in the area, which has a beautiful view .

During your camping time , you can walk on forest paths , organize a bicycle tour , have a picnic or do your own therapy with angling .

Küre Mountains National Park Campground is a camping spot where you can see both the steppe and the green . There are also canyons in the national park .

It is enough for you to choose at which point you will camp; because the area is wide enough and there are different spots where you can pitch a tent. One of the most beautiful aspects of this camping area is the fountains spread throughout the national park .

If you happen to be in the Küre Mountains National Park Campground, you can also see the Ilıca Waterfall and Ilgarini Cave , which are very close to here.

Mugada Campground


Mugada Campground, which is one of the pleasant camping spots on the seaside of Bartın , is an area you can prefer in summer and winter seasons.

There are paid areas as well as points where you can camp for free. As you can imagine, the paid area is far from the crowd and is quieter; but they both have one thing in common: the view is beautiful here!

Mugada Campground, where the sea and the forest meet, has a sea where fresh and salt water meet each other . The coastline is quiet , complete relaxation. There is also a bazaar with markets in the area .

Mugada Campground is 13 kilometers from Mugada . The area can be reached from a deserted road; but don’t let that scare you. The end of the road is a wonderful sight.

Reef Campground


Located in the Güzelcehisar Village of Bartın , this camping area is 19 kilometers from the center of Bartın .

If you want to camp while enjoying a sandy beach, you can choose Refis Kamp, a quiet and peaceful camping area.

There are markets and kiosks in the area where you can do your grocery shopping . If you wish , you can also benefit from the barbecue facility of the facility.

Stream Campground

Akarsu Campground, which can be reached via Akkonak Village of Bartın , is only 20 kilometers from Amasra .

There are many services in this camping area, which is generally preferred by groups of friends .

From complete kitchen utensils to laundry, there are many things here.

If you say you want to both camp quietly and participate in various activities, Akarsu Campground, with its location on the coast, can organize ATV tours and take a small nature walk in the surrounding area , in addition to sea activities such as canoeing and diving lessons .

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