Trabzon Uzungol Plateau


Uzungol Plateau, the apple of the Black Sea’s eye, is located 99 kilometers from Trabzon . The lake is at the top of the list of places to visit in Trabzon .

This highland town, which is addicted to those who take long walks by the lake of the same name and breathe the fresh air of the rainforest, hosts thousands of tourists every year.

We are sure that you will not forget Uzungöl, which is easily accessible by air, land and sea.

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Uzungöl, which has a different beauty in the winter months, is as crowded as a metropolis with the warming of the weather.

Uzungöl, which is located in the eastern part of the Black Sea Region, is known as a neighborhood of Çaykara district.

Located 99 kilometers from Trabzon and 71 kilometers from Rize, Uzungöl will spend your time in peace and quiet.

When you come to Uzungol, you can watch the scenery on the shore of the lake and take a nature walk among the rainforests.

If you wish , you can have a holiday in touch with nature by staying in bungalow houses or small pensions by the lake .


Information About Uzungol

Uzungol, located approximately 99 kilometers from Trabzon city center, is one of the most beautiful corners of Turkey.

Uzungöl, which attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists from all over the world , is known to have an altitude of 1100 meters .

Surrounded by rainforests, this lush town is located at the junction of Kaçkar Mountains and Soğanlı Mountains . Uzungöl, which is also called the touristic paradise of Trabzon province, welcomes its enthusiasts as a highland village with lush vegetation .

Uzungöl, which is the favorite route of every tourist who goes on a Black Sea tour, has a population of close to 2000 people.

It is known that Uzungöl got its name from the lake near it.

You can witness the purest Black Sea climate in Uzungöl. In Uzungöl, which is rainy almost every time of the year, it snows in winter and rains in summer. In some periods of the winter season, minus 10 degrees can be seen on the plateau.

Uzungöl stands out as a town where tourism is prioritized thanks to its unique natural beauties, lush rain forests and oxygen reservoir nature.

In addition to tourism, trout production facilities, beekeeping, organic farming activities and animal husbandry also find a place in this plateau town.

When you come to Uzungöl, you can stay in wooden bungalow houses lined up around the lake. If you do not want to stay in tree houses, you can also choose the hostels and hotels in the vicinity.

Uzungol History

It is known that Uzungöl, the pupil of the Black Sea, first appeared on the stage of history in 1586 . It can be said that the first known settlement in Uzungöl, which was called Saraho in Greek at that time , coincided with the year 1650.

The people of Uzungöl, which was originally composed of Greeks, became crowded with the addition of Muslims over time and turned into a village with 229 houses.

With the transition to the Republic, it continued to exist in the Black Sea as a district of Uzungöl Of within the scope of the provincial administration.

In 1948, it became a district of Çaykara. Uzungöl, which was a place where mainly Greeks lived in the past, became a place where Turks lived after the Greeks left the country as a result of the population exchange after the War of Independence.

Uzungöl, which has always managed to attract attention with its rich vegetation that contains every shade of green, its atmosphere full of oxygen and peace, and its serene nature, continues to be a corner of Turkey with a unique beauty for years. To enjoy this magnificent view of the Black Sea, you should go to Uzungol as soon as possible.

Places to See in Uzungol

Tiled Bridge

This bridge is one of the must-see places when you come to Uzungol.

It is known that the bridge, which is located on the Çaykara -Uzungöl road, was built in 1935.

The bridge, which has a wooden body, is covered by a roof covered with red tiles.

You should definitely witness the view by coming to this bridge, which gained the status of a monumental monument in 1996 .

Uzungol Highlands

If we say that Uzungöl is a highland village , we will use the most correct expression. It is a fact that many tourists come here to go to the highlands and breathe the atmosphere there.

If you do not have a private vehicle, we recommend you to go to the highlands by taking the minibuses with a capacity of 11 people, lined up on the shore of the lake.

While going up to the plateau, you can admire the scenery surrounded by cliffs on one side and rainforests on the other. By using these minibuses, you can go to the highlands of Lustra and Karestel . We would like to point out that you will pass through a narrow dirt road on your way to the highlands.

Lustra plateau, which is the first stop of your minibus journey, is 8 kilometers away from the center of Uzungöl.

You should definitely see the unique view of the Lustra plateau, which is under heavy fog in some periods. You can walk on the dirt road full of green trees while enjoying the scenery, and you can take a breather with a cup of tea.

According to a rumor, it is believed that the blood of people who were in Uzungöl plateau for 21 days was cleaned with oxygen. You can also enjoy the fresh and cool air by going to the highlands.

Long Lake

This small and charming lake, which gives its name to Uzungöl, is the most beautiful place here.

It is known that this lake, which is small in size and has a calm appearance for most of the year, consists of snow water and spring waters from the highlands.

There are eating and drinking stops and wooden bungalow houses around the lake. When you come here, we recommend that you eat fish in the trout restaurants and drink the famous Black Sea tea on top of it.

Activities to Do in Uzungol

Long nature walks are undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Uzungöl, which is covered with lush rainforests . We recommend you to store plenty of oxygen by participating in nature walks where you can witness every shade of green.

In addition to the nature walk, you can join the ATV tour if you wish. You can join this tour, which is done by integrating with nature, by renting an ATV and accompanied by a guide who introduces the region to you. You can climb the plateaus and explore the environment with an ATV and take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

In addition to trekking and ATV tours, if you are an adrenaline junkie, we recommend the heliski adventure called heliski. This activity, which can be done in only a few places in the world, can be described as a type of sport where the helicopter drops the skiers on the hill and then the skiers slide down. Thanks to its heliski, athletes are offered the opportunity to ski even if they are far from the track. This sport, which was first performed in the Kaçkar Mountains in 2005, stands out as a very popular activity in Uzungöl.

Where is Uzungol? How to go to Uzungol?

Although it is difficult to reach Uzungöl due to the harsh weather conditions in the winter months, you can see that the masses flock here with the warmer spring months. It is possible to reach Uzungol, which is 99 kilometers from Trabzon, via Trabzon.

There are bus services from Trabzon to Uzungöl at all times of the year . If you do not have a private vehicle that can take you to Uzungöl , we recommend that you go to Çömlekçi Mahallesi in the center of Trabzon and join the daily bus tours departing from here. You can easily come to Uzungol by joining these bus services that take about half an hour.

If you are going to Uzungöl with your private car, you should follow a route where you have to pass the districts of Yomra, Araklı, Sürmene, Of and Çaykara, respectively, assuming that you will set off from the center of Trabzon . In this way, you can reach Uzungöl by the safest and shortest way.

In addition to the highway, you can reach Uzungöl by using the air and sea routes. You can start your Uzungol trip by landing at Trabzon Airport , which is mostly preferred by those coming from outside the city,  and then renting a car.

Trabzon Airport , which is located 10 minutes away from Trabzon city center, is widely used by travelers who want to avoid long journeys by land.

If you are going to prefer the sea route, you can use the Trabzon Port. We would like to warn you that the passenger traffic in this port is quite heavy, especially in the summer months.

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