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Kastamonu, known as the city of Evliyas, is located in the Black Sea Region . Kastamonu, one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, therefore contains many historical artifacts from the ancient and Turkish-Islamic periods. In addition, historical artifacts belonging to the Middle Paleolithic and Chalcolithic periods were found in the archaeological excavations in the city .

Kastamonu has hosted many civilizations until today, such as Kaşkas , Hittites , Paphlagonians , Romans and Byzantines . Kastamonu, which came under the rule of Çobanoğulları Principality , Candaroğulları Principality and Ottoman Empire , was the province that sent the most soldiers to the front during the War of Independence . That’s why Kastamonu was the city that gave the most martyrs in the Çanakkale and Independence Wars .

The lover Yorgansız Hakkı of Kastamonu composed the Çanakkale Folk Song in memory of our martyrs . Mustafa Kemal Atatürk also made a 9-day trip to Kastamonu after the proclamation of the republic. During this trip, he announced the costume and clothing revolution, which we know as the Hat Revolution , to the public in İnebolu.

It should be noted that the people of İnebolu , who carried the weapons and ammunition smuggled from Istanbul during the War of Independence to the resistance movement in Anatolia for three years, were awarded the Medal of Independence given to the district.

Let’s take a closer look at the natural and historical beauties in Kastamonu, an ancient city that witnessed firsts in history.

Natural Beauties of Kastamonu

Kure Mountains National Park


A part of Küre Mountains National Park is located in Kastamonu and a part in Bartın.

Thousands of plant species live in the region, which has an area of ​​37,000 hectares, which was declared a national park in 2000 .

The Küre Mountains National Park, which includes many geographical formations such as canyons , caves and waterfalls , has been accepted as a gift of our country to the world by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) .

You should definitely visit this national park where you can see the natural beauties of Kastamonu.

Valla Canyon


Valla Canyon, located in Küre Mountains National Park, is the second deepest canyon in the world.

The height of the canyon, which is ten kilometers long, varies between 800 and 1200 meters .

Inexperienced visitors are unlikely to pass through the canyon with its rocky cliffs, so unguided crossings are not allowed .

Loch Valley


Loç Valley, located at the exit of Valla Canyon , is one of the greenest spots of Küre Mountains.

There are five villages in this valley, which is also known as the lungs of our country .

There are 29 plant species that grow only in Loç Valley, and the locals are keen on these endemic plants .

There is also Loç Valley Observation Terrace in the valley, which will make you feel like you are walking in the rainforest . I suggest you go to the terrace, which will allow you to have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Loç Valley.


Horma Canyon

Horma Canyon, like Valla Canyon, is located in the Küre Mountains National Park .

The canyon, which is a less dangerous place compared to Valla Canyon, was named by the locals as the “Water Maker Rock” .

You can have a pleasant journey in the lap of nature thanks to the three-kilometer hiking trail that extends to the Ilıca Waterfall in the canyon .


Ilica Waterfall


Ilıca Waterfall , which you can reach by listening to the sounds of birds on the walking path passing through Horma Canyon , is almost a gift of Küre Mountains National Park to its guests .

The pool, which is formed where the waters of the waterfall pouring from a height of 15 meters are poured, is a natural wonder. You can even swim in this natural pool, which has a beautiful view from the movies, if the season is appropriate.


Pınarbaşı Ilvarini (Ilgarini) Cave


Ilgarini , the fourth largest cave in the world, is located in the Küre Mountains National Park.

There are stalactites and stalagmites in the Ilgarini Cave , which is 850 meters long and 250 meters deep .

Inside the cave , there are chapel and tomb remains from the Roman and Byzantine periods .

The cave, which has an arched entrance, divides into two branches. The ruins at the entrance are thought to be the ruins of a Byzantine village.

It is known as the Hall with Chandeliers due to the rooms and stalactites on the right side where the water cistern is located .


Catak Canyon



Çatak Canyon, located in Azdavay district of Kastamonu , is the fourth largest canyon in the world .

There is a wooden walking track in the canyon, which starts one or two kilometers below the Çatak Bridge and continues to Nalbantoğlu Village .

The Çatak Canyon Glass Observation Terrace, located at an altitude of 900 meters , offers magnificent views to its visitors.

The entrance fee is 6 TL , students pay 3 TL, and children under the age of 7 can enter the viewing terrace free of charge.


Ilgaz Mountain National Park and Ski Center


Ilgaz Mountain, which we all know because of the children’s song titled “Ilgaz, you are a lofty mountain of Anatolia” , was declared a national park in 1976 .

Ilgaz Mountain, which is the symbol of the city, contains many plant and animal species. Sixty-five of the more than three hundred plant varieties are endemic, that is, they only grow in Ilgaz.

For this reason, Ilgaz Mountain, which is of great importance, is also used as a ski center. With its 800-meter-long ski track and two 1500-meter-long chairlifts and telex facilities in Ilgaz Winter Sports Tourism Center , this place is a paradise for winter tourism.


Dipsizgol Nature Park


Declared as a Nature Park in 2011 , Dipsizgöl is located in Çiftler Village in Tosya district of Kastamonu .

Dipsizgöl Nature Park, which has an area of ​​five hectares , gives its visitors a breath of fresh air with its lush nature.

In this beautiful nature park, you can escape the crowds of the city and have a picnic , nature walk or nature photography .

The entrance fee to the park is 4 TL , but if you are a student , you can enter by paying only 2 TL.


Although I can’t write in detail so as not to make the article too long, Ersizdekire Canyon , Malyas and Kısık Canyons , Şehirban Canyon , Gömüören Canyon , İnebolu Geriş Hill , Gideros Bay , Kılıçlı Cave , Sarpunalınca Cave , Kuyluç Cave , Efken Waterfall , Long Lake Kashentamon Waterfall , Karacehentamon Waterfall , Karacehentamon Waterfall It is also among the natural beauties that you must see in the city.

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