Where is Kastamonu and How to Go to Kastamonu?


Kastamonu, one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, is located in the Black Sea Region. The historical city, located in the west of the Black Sea Region, is known as the “City of Awliyas”.

If you ask where are the places to visit in Kastamonu, where there are many works of antiquity and the Turkish-Islamic period, Kastamonu Castle, Atabey Mosque, Şeyh Şaban-ı Veli Tomb, Yanık Sultan Tomb, Nasrullah Mosque and Kastamonu Clock Tower are the leading ones. Kastamonu Clock Tower was built on the slope in the east of the city during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II.

In the city center of Kastamonu, there is also the first “Urban History Museum” opened in our country.

Adorned with the natural beauties of the Western Black Sea, Kastamonu is home to the Küre Mountains National Park. Another natural wonder of Kastamonu is the Ilgaz Mountains. These lofty mountains, which are the symbol of the city, were declared as a National Park in 1976.

Where is Kastamonu and How to Go to Kastamonu?

In Which Region Is Kastamonu?

Kastamonu is located in the Black Sea Region, which is the greenest region of our country. The city, which is 744 meters above sea level, is located in the Western Black Sea Region.

How Many Districts Does Kastamonu Have?

Kastamonu, which has both historical and natural beauties, has 20 districts.

These are Abana, Cide, İnebolu, Tosya, Daday, Merkez District, Pınarbaşı, Çatalzeytin, Küre, Taşköprü, Şenpazar, Devrekani, Doğanyurt, Azdavay, Ağlı, Arac, Bozkurt, Hanönü, İhsangazi and Seyçiler districts.

Where is Kastamonu?

It has a border with Sinop in the east , Bartın and Karabük in the west, Çankırı in the south and Çorum in the southeast, and Kastamonu in the north, which has a coast to the Black Sea.

Since the coastline of the city on the Black Sea coast is 170 kilometers, it has the distinction of being the province with the longest coastline in the region.

How to go to Kastamonu?

It is possible to go to Kastamonu, which is approximately 240 kilometers from Ankara , 510 kilometers from Istanbul and 868 kilometers from Izmir , by both land and air transportation. For this reason, you can reach the city with your private car or you can go by public transport.

How to go to Kastamonu by Private Vehicle?

People who want to go to Kastamonu from Istanbul with their own car should follow the Bolu, Gerede, Ilgaz road route. This journey takes approximately 5 and a half hours.

Those who go to Kastamonu from Ankara with their private vehicles can reach the city in 2 and a half hours by using the D765 highway.

Those who want to go to Kastamonu by car can read our article titled “ Advice for those who will take a long journey by car ”.

How to go to Kastamonu by Bus?

If you are going to Kastamonu by bus, you do not need to get directions. You can reach Kastamonu, which you can reach by bus from many points of our country, after a 9-hour journey from Istanbul, a 5-hour journey from Ankara and a 14-hour journey from Izmir.

Ankara – Kastamonu bus ticket price is around 170 TL, while the price of Istanbul – Kastamonu bus ticket varies between 340 – 350 TL. İzmir – Kastamonu bus ticket prices are 610 – 620 TL.

To buy affordable Kastamonu bus tickets, you can visit obilet.com or download and install the Obilet mobile application on your mobile phone.

How to go to Kastamonu by plane?

Uzunyazı Airport, which is only 15 kilometers away from the city center in Kastamonu, provides service. Flights from Istanbul to Kastamonu take 1 hour and 5 minutes. Ticket prices vary according to the day and time of travel.

You can reach Kastamonu Airport directly from Istanbul Airport by Turkish Airlines (THY) flights and from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport by Pegasus Airlines flights. People who want to fly to Kastamonu from other cities need to transfer in Istanbul.

Those who reach the city by air can go to the central areas of Kastamonu by private public bus and airport company shuttles after landing. It takes approximately 25 minutes to reach Kastamonu city center by public buses. Airport shuttles provided by Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines take their passengers to the city center free of charge.

Private transportation vehicles can also be used to get to Kastamonu city center from the airport. These include commercial taxis, transfer services and car rental options. Those who use these services can reach the city center in 15 minutes.

Our article “ Kastamonu Airport Transportation Guide ” will give you detailed information on how to get from the airport to the city center.

What is the city transportation like in Kastamonu?

Kastamonu switched to card system in urban transportation in 2021. Kastamonu Kent Card sales and filling started at 20 points in the city.

Although Kastamonu is not very large in terms of surface area, it is not possible to go to all the places to visit in the city by public transportation. For this reason, you can rent a bicycle, motorcycle or car to travel comfortably in Kastamonu. It will be very enjoyable to visit the city by bicycle or motorcycle. Those who want to rent a car in favor of the car, “ How to Rent a Car in 5 Steps? They can read our article and get information about the subject.

Since some of the places to visit in the city are close to each other, we recommend that you walk to get there. In this way, you will have the opportunity to explore the places you will come across. When you get tired of walking, you can use the commercial taxis you can find in many parts of the city. 

When to go to Kastamonu?

Those who go to the city for cultural tourism may prefer the spring and autumn seasons. Those who go to Kastamonu for sea tourism should visit the city in summer. Gideros (Kytoros) Beach in the Cide district of Kastamonu is among the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea. Those who want to do ski tourism in Ilgaz should choose the winter season to visit Kastamonu.

What to Eat in Kastamonu?

Kastamonu, the homeland of garlic in our country, is home to delicious dishes. Kuyu kebab and Kastamonu doner kebab for meat lovers, Ecevit soup and cranberry tarhana soup for those who say they can’t go without soup, einkorn pilaf, sour rice and ala pilaf for pilaf lovers are among the wonderful local delicacies. Those who want to end these delicious meals with dessert can taste the halva, stuffed figs and Uryani plum compote.

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Where to Stay in Kastamonu?

While the mountain hotels in the city allow you to be in touch with nature, the historical mansions in the center help you travel in time.

Uğurlu Konakları, İksir Resort Town, Kadıoğlu Konak, Park Dedeman and Armoni Park Hotel are among the places to stay in Kastamonu.

Those who visit Kastamonu for a sea holiday may prefer accommodation on the coastline. In this way, visitors can easily reach the beautiful beaches of Kastamonu.

Those who come to Ilgaz to ski can stay in hotels close to the ski center.

We recommend that you make your accommodation choice in Kastamonu in accordance with your purpose of coming to the city.

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