Historical Buildings in Tokat


Tokat Castle

The castle, which was built for security reasons during the Roman Period, remained under Byzantine rule for about five hundred years.

The conquered castle during the Danishmend period changed hands frequently.

The castle, located on the steep cliffs, served as a prison during the Ottoman Empire.

The forest view from the castle is quite fascinating.

Zile Castle

The castle in Zile district is on the mound. In addition, the castle is at a point that dominates the Zile Plain.

There are historical remains from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the castle.

It is thought that Zile Castle was built during the Roman Period.

It is known that the castle was repaired and some additions were made during the reign of Ertena Bey, Alaeddin Bey.

Zile Castle was made of cut and rubble stones.

Niksar Castle

Niksar Castle was built during the Pontus Kingdom and it is known that the name of the castle was Kaberia at that time.

Additions were made to the Niksar Castle during the Roman Period and it has survived to the present day. Y

In the Niksar Castle, which was repaired against attacks in the first and ninth centuries, there are remains of two baths, churches, two mosques and a prison.

Yesilirmak Bridge

Yeşilırmak Bridge, located on Yeşilırmak in the north of the city, was built during the Seljuk period.

The work, which is among the important examples of Seljuk architecture in Tokat, was built of cut stone.

Yeşilırmak Bridge is one hundred and fifty-one meters long and seven meters wide with five arches and is among the works still standing today.

Tokat Clock Tower

The Tokat Clock Tower was built for the twenty-fifth year of Sultan Abdulhamit’s accession to the throne.

The sound of the clock tower can be heard from anywhere in the city.

Natural Beauties in Tokat

There is a lot of fertile soil in Tokat. The city has fertile plains that can be cultivated. In addition, the plains constitute approximately 15.4% of the current provincial border.

Kazova, Gözova, Erbaa, Niksar, Çamlıbel, Maşat and Zile Plain are among the fertile lands in Tokat. Tokat is Turkey’s sixth province with rich forest reserves.

There are a lot of forest areas around the districts of Almus, Reşadiye and Niksar in Tokat. There are trees such as Cedar, Larch, Hornbeam, Lebanon Cedar, Scotch Pine and Fir.

In addition, tree species such as Hazelnut tree, Cranberry tree and Ahlat are also found in Tokat. Tokat, which is among the favorite cities of nature lovers and visitors who want to be in touch with nature, is among the most attractive cities for outdoor sports.

Yesilirmak River is also located within the provincial borders of Tokat. There are many reasons to visit Tokat, which is among the unique cities in terms of both natural and historical riches.

Cave Ballica

Ballica Cave is located very close to the Pazar district of Tokat.

According to researchers, Ballıca Cave was formed about 3.4 million years ago. For this reason, Ballica Cave has a very old history and has a special place among the caves.

The cave is located on a high hill. The main entrance gate and its interior have been arranged.

Illuminations and walking paths were made inside the cave. In 1996, the Ballica Cave was opened to visitors.

There are many stalagmites inside the cave, and there are onion stalactites in the cave, which is ninety-four meters high.

Dwarf bats live in the cave.

The cave interior is divided into sections and consists of eight large halls over five floors. Apart from these eight large halls, named the New Hall, the Pool Hall, the Bat Hall, the Mushroom Hall, the Great Damlastones Hall, the Fossil Hall and the Column Hall, there are also parts that are not open to visitors yet.

Ballica Cave is open to visitors every day. It is also possible to reach Ballıca Cave by bus services from Tokat bus station to the district.

Travel companies in the center also organize tours to the Ballica Cave.

Goose Lake

Another stop that can be frequented by visitors who want to be in touch with nature is Kaz Lake.

Kaz Lake is a rather impressive natural beauty not far from the center of the city.

Since Kaz Lake is a migration route for birds, it is among the special places where you can see many bird species. Bird visits that start in March continue until May.

As of July, the first migrations begin. Kaz Lake is also an incubation center. About one hundred and eight bird species live around the lake at various times of the year.

Some of the bird species in the vicinity of Goose Lake are Gray Heron, Whitetail Wagtail, Stork, Reed Finn, Grebe, Magpie, Goose, Woodcock, Angit, Duck Pied Heron, Laughing Bird, Spinning Rod, Great White Heron, Gourd, Cuckoo, Applebass, Reed Warbler, Blackbird, Black Woodcock, Sparrow, Starling, Red-breasted, Willow Sparrow and Figurine.

Kaz Lake, located in Turhal and Pazar districts, is among the places with a unique view that nature-loving visitors can enjoy.

In addition, due to the works carried out in Kaz Lake, there is a visitor’s house and two bird watchtowers. available.

Almus Dam Lake

Almus Dam Lake is used as a trout breeding area.

The magnificent view of the lake and the heathland around the lake are worth seeing.

The dam lake is surrounded by forests.

There are restaurants in many bays on the lake shore. The dam lake also has an ideal track for water sports.

Food Culture of Tokat

Tokat, where you will encounter examples of Anatolian hospitality, has a rich cuisine. It is famous for its green vine leaves used for wrapping slap.

Many vegetables and fruits are grown in Tokat. Tokat Kebab takes the first place among local delicacies.

Vegetable kebab and Tokat Kebab, which must be eaten by those who come to visit, are among the top local delicacies.

Tokat Fenugreek, Zile Molasses, Niksar Walnut Bun, and Tokat Pancake with Bun are among the local flavors and popular dishes.

Tokat Batı is also among the local daily dishes and is among the very common tastes in the province.

Tokat rosehip, Niksar walnut and Tokat leaf are among the well-known agricultural products of the city. In addition, rosehip jam is among the flavors they consume in their daily breakfasts. The wrap of the city, which is famous for its wrap leaves, is also quite delicious.

If you want to explore the flavor stops of Tokat in more detail, you should review our Tokat Food Guide article.

Local Gifts from Tokat

There are many gift product groups that you can buy for your loved ones during your visit to Tokat. If you are thinking of delicious gifts, walnuts, rosehip jam and the famous molasses of the region are included in the group of local delicacies that you will take with you on your way.

Tokat Zile Kömesi is one of the delicious gifts you can buy. You can buy cloth sausage, fruit pulp, kome, marmalade and tokat cemen from the shops in the city where local delicacies are exhibited and sold, and you can present the local delicacies of Tokat to your loved ones.

You can also look for souvenirs from the shops around the historical buildings in the city center. Magnets, prayer beads and mouthpieces can be found in the gift product group.

In addition, souvenirs produced from the shells of the famous walnut of the province can be an interesting choice.

Craft products that can be bought from coppersmiths, antique dealers and carving masters in Taşhan can also be chosen as souvenirs.

Local clothes unique to Tokat are among the alternative gifts.

Such gifts can also be chosen as gifts in the city where you can find examples of handwriting, carving and woodcraft.

It is also possible to find hand-woven souvenirs in Tokat, where rug and carpet weaving still continues in the villages.

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