Natural Beauties of Corum


Kargi Plateau

Located 140 km from Çorum city center, Kargı Plateau is famous for its local plateau houses and spacious nature.

It is a natural wonder with its local water resources and vegetation.

Around it are Aksu, Çoban, Örencik, Göl, Çetni, Doğluca and other plateaus. If you want to get a fresh air away from the crowd of the city, you can spend a comfortable weekend in the spacious highlands of Çorum.

İncesu Canyon

Incesu Canyon, which is 12 km long, allows you to have a cultural trip with its historical ruins as well as its natural beauties.

The high cliffs around the canyon date back to the Hellenistic period, i.e. BC. It belongs to the 2nd century.
Cave ruins are leftovers from ancient societies.

It is also very suitable for canyon, rafting and trekking sports.

Çatak Nature Park

If you are in the center of Çorum and you have limited time, you can go to Çatak Nature Park for a day.

There are foxes, rabbits, wolves and various bird species in the recreation area.

There are also suitable areas for trekking.

Karayanik Waterfall

Karayanık Waterfall, located in the Karayanık District of Iskilip District, is located in the Fındıklı Stream valley.

The valley with many waterfalls offers a magnificent view combined in the same pond.

Gölpınar Water Dam-Mansion Place

Located on the road from Alacahöyük to Karamahmut Village, the Water Weir was formed by filling an area of ​​6 meters with soil.

The dam, which is thought to have existed since the Hittite period, became a settlement in the following periods.

Today, it is known as the “Mansion Place”.

Kalinkaya Quarry

It is located in Sekili Mevkii, west of Kalınkaya Village.

It was used in the construction of architectural and sculptor works during the Hittite period.

It was also used as a quarry in the Roman period.

Shopping in Corum

When you go to Çorum, do not forget to buy the famous roasted chickpeas and quality rice.

Local dishes are as follows; Yeast, Yanıç, Cızlak, Kömbe, Oğmaç, İngal, Poppy Donut, Borhani, Helise, Çullama, Madımak, Tirit, İskilip Stuffed, Keshk, Black Sack Halva, Hedik, Teltel and Has Baklava.

If you want to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, wood carvings, rugs, saddlebags, booties, socks and hand-knitted products can be excellent options.

Velipasa Inn

Built by Veli Pasha, one of the Yozgat Beys, the inn was completely burnt down in 1914. However, it was rebuilt between 1915-1916.

In the inn, which was built as two floors, traces of Ottoman Period architecture can be observed.

The inn, which was used as a commercial enterprise for many years, was opened to tourism in 2018 after being restored in accordance with its original form.

Ancient and Sewing Bazaar

Dikiciler Bazaar, located opposite the Ulu Mosque, is famous for its streets, one of the narrowest in the world.

Streets built in such a way that a person can pass alone should be paved with stones.

Small shops are lined up on both sides of the narrow street.

Transportation to Corum

If you want to travel to the history and culture of the civilizations in Anatolia, you can make an excellent cultural trip especially in the spring months.

Although there is no airport in Çorum, it is one of the cities that can be easily reached by air. If you want to reach the city by airway, you can reach the nearest airport, Amasya Merzifon Airport, and transfer to a district in Çorum in a short time.

You can come to Çorum from every corner of Turkey by bus or you can choose your private car.

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