Where is Coruh Valley? How to Get to Coruh Valley?


The famous Çoruh Valley, located within the borders of Erzurum , Bayburt and Artvin provinces, is a natural wonder with a length of 150 km .

Çoruh Valley, which has a perfect location between Allahuekber Mountains , Yalnızçam and Eastern Black Sea Mountains , is almost a hidden paradise. Let’s discover all the details about this miracle of nature place together…

General Information About Coruh Valley

Arousing curiosity with its cultural richness , deep-rooted history and natural beauties , Çoruh Valley also draws attention with its rich flora and fauna.

In the region where you will encounter beautiful endemic plant species , the valley walls will attract your attention the most. Another feature that makes this place privileged is that it is home to 3 plant species that grow only in Çoruh Valley in the world .

The Çoruh Valley, which is the starting point of Mescit Mountain in the northern part of Erzurum , includes the main tributaries of the 150 km long Çoruh River in the middle and lower part.

It is possible that you may come across raptors swooping down from time to time in the valley, where the climatic characteristics of both Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions are seen, because this region is considered one of Turkey’s important bird migration routes.

Coruh Valley Flora and Fauna

Due to the diversity seen in the vegetation and climate characteristics of the region, going to Çoruh Valley is ideal for all four seasons .

You can find many more endemic plant species in the area where there are 83 plant taxa that meet the KBA criteria .

Three plant species that grow only in this region worldwide are: Asperula virgata ,  Campanula troegerae ,  Lathyrus woronowii .

The most common birds of prey in the region are the little forest eagle (Aquila pomarina) and the snake eagle (Circaetus gallicus) , while the wild goat , Mediterranean horseshoe bat (live in İspir Çamlı Cave), lynx , Coruh viper , Acipenser gueldenstaedtii and Acipenser fish stellatus ( iç ), a species of butterfly called the cinquefoil jumper, and Onychogomphus assimilis ( a species of damselfly beetle ) are among other common animal species.

Places to Visit around Coruh Valley

When you go to Çoruh Valley, which is described as ” wealth that expires “, we recommend that you spend at least 1-2 days for places to visit and activities to do.

The point where the Masat Stream, formed by the Kurt and Çermeli Streams , starts from Bayburt and the places after it is called Çoruh Valley.

çoruh River

You can make a quick start with the Coruh River, which covers 442 kilometers of Turkey’s borders .

You will be speechless in the face of the untouched nature and beauty of the Çoruh River, which originates from Erzurum Mescit Mountain .

The Coruh River, where rafting activities are incredibly common, fascinates most with its rich flora and fauna.

Kafkasör Plateau

Located 10 km southwest of Artvin city center and one of the most beautiful plateaus in Turkey, Kafkasör Plateau is a must-visit place when you go to Çoruh Valley.

This plateau, where you can also stay in bungalow houses , has an altitude of 1250 meters .

You can also follow other festivals and festivities that take place throughout the year in Kafkasör Plateau, where there is an arena where bullfights are held every year .


Atatepe, which comes to mind as soon as Artvin is mentioned, can be said to be the most symbolic place of the city .

You can photograph the Atatürk statue made using exactly 40 tons of steel and 10 tons of copper in Atatepe, which is home to Turkey’s largest Atatürk statue .

Dolishane Church

Dolishane Church, which was built by Bagratlı King Sumbath in the 10th century and is one of the most important cultural heritages of the city, is located within the borders of Hamamlı Village in the central district of Artvin .

You should definitely see the magnificent frescoes of the church, which you can easily reach from the Berta Bridge .

Hatila Valley National Park

Located in the central district of Artvin and surrounding Hatila Creek , Hatila Valley National Park has been welcoming its visitors since 1994 .

You can see the natural habitats , endemic plant and animal species and camp -tent areas up close.

Karagol Sahara National Park

You will literally get your fill of nature in Artvin, where the natural habitats that have attained the status of a national park are in the majority compared to other Black Sea provinces.

Located 25 km north of Şavşat district of Artvin , Karagöl Sahara National Park is a region that stands out mostly with its highland tourism .

We recommend you to spare at least one day to visit the national park, which is approximately 92 km from Artvin city center .

Activities to Do in Coruh Valley

When you go to such a wonder of nature, the activities to be done will undoubtedly be just as diverse.

You can also participate in camping activities in Çoruh Valley, which is a perfect route for trekking and mountaineering , rafting and many other nature sports .

By trekking in the Coruh Valley, with its altitude varying between 120 meters and 1960 meters , you can reach beautiful scenery points.

In addition, you can participate in various touristic activities related to forestry, animal husbandry and agriculture , which are the main occupations of the local people .

Çoruh Valley, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when you say rafting in Turkey , can become more entertaining within the festivals and festivities organized from time to time. The most popular route for rafting in the region is Yusufeli .

Let us also remind you that there is a bicycle route of exactly 399 km in the Çoruh Valley.

You can complete this route, which passes through Tortum , İspir and Uzundere districts in Erzurum and Yusufeli districts of Artvin, together with other bicycle lovers.

Food and Drink in Coruh Valley

The fact that Çoruh Valley is located in Erzurum, Bayburt and Artvin circles naturally diversifies the flavors you will taste here. Of course, you are more likely to taste flavors specific to Artvin cuisine.

You can taste the famous dishes of Artvin such as kuymak , Laz pastry , corn bread , anchovy pilaf , kaygana , anchovy bread , black cabbage rolls , pickled pickles , flat doner kebab , walnut kete , spotted trout, turnip meal and more.

Coming to Erzurum cuisine , we definitely recommend you to taste delicious Anatolian delicacies such as cag kebab , stuffed kadayif, and Erzurum doner kebab.

Accommodation in Coruh Valley

Those who want to have a budget-friendly and more adventurous accommodation experience in the Çoruh Valley and Çoruh River regions prefer to stay in a camping tent .

You can choose the hotels in Artvin or other surrounding districts, or you can evaluate camping activities.

How to Get to Coruh Valley?

Since Çoruh Valley is far from both Aegean, Thrace and Marmara regions, those who have the idea of ​​vacation should plan their trips for at least a few days, not for a day .

Those who will travel by private vehicle can easily transfer to Artvin and then to Çoruh Valley.

It is also possible to reach Artvin from almost anywhere in Turkey by bus.

You can also evaluate the flights arriving at Rize – Artvin Airport , which will be operational in the Pazar region of Rize.

  • Erzurum city center – 341 km
  • Artvin city center – 14 km
  • Istanbul – 1317 km
  • Izmir – 1656 km
  • Ankara – 975 km
  • Antalya – 1442 km
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