Where is Sleep Valley? How to Get to Sleep Valley?


Sleep Valley is one of the natural beauties whose name is relatively little heard in the Aegean region.

Located in Gökçeler Village of Milas , the valley is a place that enchants visitors with its paradise-like beauty.

History of Sleep Valley

According to a rumor; It is said that during the Ottoman period, wealthy Jewish families lived in the region where the Sleep Valley is located . One night, the bandits rob the houses of all the village people and run away. When law enforcement goes after the bandits, they find them sleeping under a tree and catch them. When they are caught, “How do you sleep without fear?” they ask. The bandits said, “Is it possible to come to such a paradise and not have a sweet sleep?” says.

Although the accuracy of the aforementioned story seems unlikely, it is said that the name of the region remained as Sleep Valley after this story. This is the kind of place that relaxes those who still come, and injects them into sound sleep.

What to do in Sleep Valley?

Sleep Valley is located on one of the routes of the famous Carian Way . It is an ideal place for trekking lovers as it is  a walking route equipped with marvelous beauties .

You should not neglect to go to Squirrel Rocks , one of the most adorable squirrels in the valley, whose name it hosts .

You can go to Gökçeler Canyon and see 73 different plant species with the naked eye while enjoying the ice-cold water . The historical mills on the flowing stream should not be overlooked.

You can enter İncirli Cave , which is located on the slope of Manastır Mountain and is considered a Natural Protected Area . The cave is also known as the ‘ Bat Gallery ‘ as it is home to bats . The entrance fee to the cave is 15 TL . In addition to this, there are a total of 40 large and small caves .

Sleep Valley is famous for its trout . You can eat a delicious trout in the restaurant located here.

Sleep Valley is also a perfect place for nature photographers , as you have an incredible natural beauty . You can also do sports such as  cycling or climbing , not just trekking .

When your appetite is whetted by the fresh air in the Sleep Valley , you can go to the local breakfast place and reward yourself.

Where to Stay in Sleep Valley?

In Sleep Valley, there is a hotel named after the valley . You can also stay in different parts of Milas and come here for a day trip.

How to Get to Sleep Valley?

Sleep Valley is a 17-minute drive from Milas Airport . It is also possible to reach  Gökçeler Village from the center of Milas by minibus .

Those who want to come from different districts of Milas can come by private or rental car. You can also go to the center of Milas by transfer, by taking the minibus from there.

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