Where is Hayıtbükü, Datça’s Hidden Treasure?


Hayıtbükü Bay, which we have been hearing frequently in recent years when it was one of the calmest bays of the Aegean, adds to its reputation with its exquisite sea .

With its clear waters and clean beach , the bay, which many people come to see in the summer months, has turned into one of the most popular places in Datça.

There are many transportation alternatives for those who turn their way to Hayıtbükü for a holiday.

How to go to Hayıtbükü, the Address of a Secluded Holiday in Datça? 

Transportation to Hayitbuku

Located within the borders of Datça district, Hayıtbükü is one of the magnificent coves where you can experience the unique harmony of green and blue.

Hayıtbükü Beach, which is on the coastline of Mesudiye Village , is located approximately 20 km from the center of Datça .

For a perfect holiday accompanied by the natural beauties of Muğla, start by heading to Datça.

Hayıtbükü Bay, which is located in the Mesudiye Village of the Datça district of Muğla; You can reach by bus , plane and private vehicle .

It is about half an hour’s drive between Hayıtbükü and Datça .

Transportation to Hayıtbükü by Bus

You need to use the intercity Muğla buses to reach Hayıtbükü, a district of Muğla’s Datça district, by bus .

You can easily reach Hayıtbükü from Datça by choosing the buses that come directly to Datça from cities such as Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa , Ankara , Aydın , Denizli , Balikesir , Izmit , Afyon .

There are direct bus services from many cities of Turkey to Muğla . Transportation to Hayıtbükü via Muğla center or Datça is quite common and easy . You can go to Hayıtbükü in Datça and other holiday resorts in the vicinity by bus from anywhere in Turkey.

based in Muğla; Fethiye Travel , Yatağan Coop. You can buy Datça bus tickets from Bodrum Doğuş companies .

In addition, for bus tickets between different cities such as İzmir-Datça, İstanbul-Datça, Marmaris-Datça, you can easily view the Kamil Koç and Pamukkale services  and buy your ticket online.

The distance between Muğla city center and Datça is approximately 120 km and the journey takes approximately 1.5 hours .

The distance between Datça and Hayıtbükü is 20 km , and it takes 30 minutes by taxi or car rental .

You can reach Gökova within 1 hour by taking the minibuses that depart every half hour from Muğla Bus Terminal .

Transportation to Hayıtbükü by Plane

It is possible to reach Hayıtbükü, which is connected to Datça, from both of Muğla’s airports .

The closest airport to Datça and therefore Hayıtbükü is Milas-Bodrum Airport . The distance between Milas Airport and Hayıtbükü is approximately 85 km . By renting a car from Milas Airport, you can easily reach Datça in about 2 hours . You can reach Hayıtbükü from Datça with a 20-minute journey.

The distance between Hayıtbükü and Dalaman Airport is approximately 160 km. There is no direct transportation from Dalaman Airport to Datça with Havaş and Muttaş flights. However, after arriving in Marmaris with Havaş and Muttaş, you can reach Datça by minibuses. You can go to Hayıtbükü from Datça by taxi or by using the minibus option.

Transportation to Hayıtbükü by Individual Vehicle

If you are going to travel to Hayıtbükü with your private vehicle; First, you need to head to Muğla from the city you are in. You can reach Hayıtbükü, which is connected to Muğla Datça, in about 10 hours from Istanbul via Yalova , Bursa , Susurluk , Salihli , Nazilli , Muğla .

In order to reach Datça from Ankara and from there to Hayıtbükü Bay , you can follow the Afyon, Denizli, Muğla route with your private vehicle . You can reach Datça in about 10 hours .

  • The distance between Istanbul and Hayıtbükü is approximately 900 km and takes about 10 hours on average.
  • The distance between İzmir and Hayıtbükü is approximately 340 km and takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The distance between Ankara and Hayıtbükü is approximately 740 km and takes an average of 9 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The distance between Marmaris and Hayıtbükü is approximately 90 km and takes an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We recommend that you consider that the roads from Datça to Hayıtbükü have a winding structure. For this reason, although the distance between Datça and Hayıtbükü may seem short in kilometers, you have to drive slower than the average throughout the journey.

Places to Visit in Hayıtbuku

Thanks to its closed and calm sea , Hayıtbükü Bay, which is frequently preferred by families with children to swim in Datça, is a peaceful holiday address .

At the same time , you can see the abundance of fish and octopus in the bay, which attracts diving enthusiasts , especially at sunset . There are many businesses, large and small, where you can eat and drink after enjoying the sea and the sun all day long in the bay .

Add many historical and natural beauties to your list of places to visit while you are vacationing in Hayıtbükü, which is located between Datça and Palamutbükü .

Hayıtbükü Beach has a special place among the places to visit in Muğla . You can take a walk on the beach , which starts to fill up from the early hours of the morning, accompanied by the sound of waves in the evening .

Knidos Ancient City

Located on the tip of the Datça Peninsula , the ancient city dates back to about 4,000 years ago.

Once one of the most important ancient cities of the region, Knidos is known for the nude statue of Aphrodite and the Sundial of the famous mathematician Eudoksos .

After photographing the Temple of Aphrodite and the Lion Tomb , don’t forget to watch the sunset in Knidos.

Old Datca

Old Datça, where the poet Can Yücel’s house is located, will amaze you with its nostalgic texture.

The narrow streets and stone houses of Old Datça will impress you with an atmosphere like no other.

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