Cesme’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches


Let’s get to know Cesme, which is one of Turkey’s indispensable holiday spots and fascinates thousands of tourists every year.

The city, whose blue we can’t get enough of, is located in the west of İzmir. Urla in the east of the district ; The Aegean Sea is located to the north, west and south . There is Chios Strait between it and Chios Island , which is located in the west . It is one of the twelve Ionian colonies in history.

It took its name from the Ottoman era fountains. Anonymous Fountain and District Governor Sadik Bey Fountain located in the town center are some of them.

The city, which was ruled by tyrants in the 7th century BC , gained its freedom by entering the sovereignty of Lydia in 560 BC .

The city is surrounded by stone walls. During the archaeological studies, the Temple of Athena and the Theater were unearthed.

Çeşme came under Turkish rule with Çaka Bey at the end of the 11th century . Its transition to Ottoman rule took place towards the end of the 14th century .

Some of the known Ottoman monuments are Çeşme Castle and Caravanserai . All of the artifacts found in Çeşme and its surroundings meet with history lovers in this castle. II. The castle built by Beyazıt is used as a museum today. Although its first construction was on the coast, it reached its present position due to the filling of the sea.

The caravanserai was built by Suleiman the Magnificent. There is a courtyard in the middle of the building, and there are shops, warehouses and rooms in the courtyard. Do not think that its history ends here. Ildır, which is the first historical settlement of the peninsula and located in the district, smells of history.

The city waters that catch our eye at first, as well as the acropolis, the theater in the north and the villa structures from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods unearthed in the excavations fascinate the visitors.

In addition, the Temple of Athena, the church built during the Byzantine Period, the Roman villa and mosaics in the place called Cennettepe are must-see places. You can visit the excavations and researches made in Ildırı Ancient City free of charge.

My dear nature, I can hear you say, tell us how to go to Çeşme. If you are planning to travel with your private vehicle, Çeşme is connected to the center of İzmir by Highway 32 . On the other hand, you can easily reach by bus.

For those who want to go to the islands from Çeşme, there are Ro-Ro services from Çeşme Port to Trieste, and ferry services to Chios and Athens. For more detailed information about places to visit in Çeşme , you can read our article on the link.

We came to Çeşme, learned its history, and also visited Alaçatı . Well, I feel that you are saying let’s go to the sea now and I’m starting to write about the wonderful beaches of Çeşme for you.

Cesme Places to Swim – Cesme Beaches

1) Cesme Ilica Beach

It is one of the beaches with the calmest sea in Çeşme. The water temperature is warmer than other coasts. Walk, walk, walk has a shallow sea where the water is still at our waist.

It has a clean sandy beach longer than 2 kilometers.

Even if the sea is a little wavy, it is sparkling and is one of the indispensable points of holiday lovers.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • It is a public beach with free entry.
  • If you want sunbeds and umbrellas, you can rent them for 50 TL .

2) Golden Sand Beach

As the name suggests, it has a golden yellow sand . Its ice-cold azure and clean water will bring you to yourself in the sweltering and hot weather of summer.

The beach, which has a long beach, welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

It is located 10 kilometers from the center. You can go to this unique beach, located in the southwest of Çeşme, by minibuses departing every 30 minutes from Çeşme Bus Station .

If you want to go to Altinkum Beach by car from the center of Cesme, you have to pass the Cesme Marina Junction and use the coastal road next to Cesme Port . After passing Çiftlikköy, you reach Altın Kum when you turn left at a forked intersection that splits into two.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • There is a public area at Golden Sand Beach. It is free of charge if you do not use umbrellas and sunbeds. If you want to use it, the fee is about 50 TL.
  • For those who want to have some fun without music, the average entrance fee for the Beach Club is 150 TL , and you have to pay an extra fee for the parking lot.
  • Apart from these places, there are also small businesses that provide service. For these businesses, a fee of 40-60 TL per person is paid. You can use these establishments for your toilet, shower and changing cabin needs.

3) Dalyan Kocakari Beach

It is one of the oldest and quietest beaches in Çeşme. It is one of the most beautiful beaches to come with family.

It is a good idea to bring your own food and drinks as there are not many local businesses around .

If you want to enjoy the sea and relax, this beach is for you.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • It is a public beach and there is no entrance fee.
  • You can bring your own sunbed and umbrella.

4) Cesme Cark Beach

Another address for surfing is Çark Beach. The depth of the water does not exceed 1 meter.

It is one of the ideal beaches for learning to surf and also for surfing . This way, you can get up immediately when you fall.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • The entrance fee is 80 TL.

5) Aya Yorgi Bay Beach

It is a unique beach where the sea and the beach meet with fun. There are around 9 Beach Clubs in it.

Let’s get to know this beach, which is flocked by those who want to have a fun time. In addition to the influx of celebrities to its beaches, it fascinates its audience with its various concepts.

I recommend the places on this beach to enjoy the fun, but I cannot ignore that they are expensive. Because once you get inside, the prices start to increase a little more.

When food and beverage prices are added, an expensive holiday emerges. But let me tell you, this beach is a great place to clear your head and enjoy your vacation.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • Before Sunset Beach Club is one of the most famous clubs on this beach. The entrance fee is 200 TL per person, including sun loungers and umbrellas. It is a good idea to make a reservation before you go, otherwise you may not be able to find a place.
  • Marrakech Beach Club is among the most loved and most expensive beaches of Ayayorgi. While the entrance fee is 200 TL, it is not possible to enter without a reservation.
  • Sole Mare and Tren Beach Club also join this caravan. While the entrance to these places, which are generally preferred by young people, is 200 TL , reservations are still required. For those who love cafes, the entrance fee is 150 TL.

6) Babaylon Hotel Beach

Babaylon Hotel, one of the most preferred hotels in Çeşme, has become indispensable for its guests with its blue flag beach.

Offering nature and peace together, the hotel is located in Çiftlikköy .

Located 7 km from the center, the hotel is at the seafront.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • The facility has its own sand and platforms.

7) Altinyunus Hotel Beach

Altınyunus, one of the most popular hotels in Çeşme, welcomes its guests with its stylish and comfortable services.

In addition to the activities inside the hotel, you should definitely go to the beach, which is located outside the hotel and is about 3-4 minutes’ walk away .

You can spend a wonderful day in the clean water.

8) Boyalik Beach

With its fine-grained sand and warm sea in the center of Çeşme, it is one of the favorite beaches of holidaymakers.

It is a beach where families with children spend their time.

It is located at a distance of 5 km from Çeşme , in the middle of Aya Yorgi Bay and Altınyunus Hotel in the northeast .

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • There are free public beach sections at two separate points in front of the hotels .
  • A standard entrance fee of 50-150 TL is charged for the beach services of the hotels .

9) Sheraton Hotel Beach

It is a beach that has become indispensable for beach lovers. It is one of the most popular beaches of Ilıca.

The sea is clear and warm.

Their services and tastes are appreciated.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • You can use the beach for a certain fee without staying at the hotel. We can say that the entrance fee and sunbed fee reached 200 TL.

10) Diamond Beach

It is one of the beaches that comes to mind when everyone thinks of surfing. Although it is a place preferred by surfers, it is one of the most beautiful places to swim.

It got its name from the shine of its sands. This beach, where the wind and waves are never missing, is the most suitable place for Windsurf and Kitesurfing activities.

It is a beach that must be visited by those who want to learn to surf or want to surf.

Entrance and Sunbed Fees: 

  • The entrance fee is 150 TL.
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