The Most Beautiful Villages of Bodrum


Bodrum is one of the most important holiday centers in Turkey with its beaches and lively nightlife. However, Bodrum also has beautiful villages to visit!

Villages of Bodrum

Potter’s Village

Çömlekçü Village of Bodrum district, located within the borders of Muğla province, is located 26 km from Bodrum center and 61 km from Muğla city center. The name of the village comes from the fact that it was a place where it was known for making pottery from clay in long ago.

Although pottery is not made today, the name of the village is still associated with this work. Even the village people continue their Yörük and Aegean cultures in the same way.

Another special aspect of the village is the end of May every year; Traditional oil wrestling is held here on the days of the beginning of June. The village, which attracts the attention of wrestling enthusiasts, is flooded with visitors during these times.

Müsgebi Village Burials

Müsgebi Village Burials are one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula and their name has been changed to Ortakent since it is located right in the middle of the Bodrum – Turgutreis road and the peninsula. Let’s not go without saying that it attracts attention with its structures that reveal the architecture of old Greek houses.

The houses have three floors and are built in the form of towers. The fact that the people living here built their houses away from the sea to protect themselves, and that the houses for protection purposes have three floors and the entrance is provided from the second floor, exhibits the unique characteristics of the buildings.

Let’s also mention that it has a long coastline with mountains and one of the most beautiful beaches in Bodrum.

The Late Mycenaean burial remains of ancient civilizations and Mycenaean pottery here are proof that the history goes back a long way. These pottery from the 15th and 13th centuries BC are definitely worth seeing.

The burials are lined up side by side at intervals of a few meters on the sloping ground. It consists of a road and burial chambers called dromos. The room, which is left open as a door, is reached by passing the road in the form of a thin and long pit. After the dead were placed in this room, it seems that the opening was covered with stones. It is possible to see that this road and the burial are plastered and the burial chamber carved into the ground is covered with a dome.

Akyarlar Village

Akyarlar Village is a place that offers a quiet environment to those who are curious about village life, away from the city crowd in this charming town, 20 km from the center of Bodrum. It has a magnificent coastline, which is often preferred by people who are especially interested in diving. The clarity of the sea water is one of the places that causes it to be preferred by swimming lovers.

Another feature of the sea is that it changes places 7 times a day. This, of course, proves why the clear waters of the sea come forward. Karaincir Beach, which is 2-3 meters in length, is a unique beach where you can enjoy swimming in the clean and sheet-like sea.

Let’s add that you will not be satisfied with the fish you will eat in the restaurants and the appetizers reflecting the Aegean culture, since the local people are generally engaged in fishing.

It is seen that the oldest settlement in history belongs to the Roman period. The houses that adorn the streets of the village are reminiscent of old Greek houses with their flattened stones. While walking around the streets of Akyarlar Village, you will want to paint the magnificent images of these houses.


Gundogan is a quiet village in Bodrum with a fascinating beauty. Although it was formerly known as Farilya, which means “Sunrise” in Greek, it was changed to Gündoğan in 1961.

It is possible to come across many historical ruins in this place, which was once home to pirates. In fact, Gundogan, which dates back even older than Bodrum, is a town that has not yet been fully explored.

Ancient king tombs from ancient times, fifty-two stairs church, St. Apostol Church and Ottoman Tower are some of these historical ruins. Apostol Island, which is 15 minutes away by boat, will undoubtedly be one of the unforgettable stops of your Bodrum trip. You should definitely include the ancient church here in your route.

Gundogan Village, which also has windmills on its hills, has opened its doors to its visitors with its blue flag beach. It has a beach that is frequently visited by surfing and sailing enthusiasts.

Turkey’s first Yalı Mosque, located at the seafront, is also within the borders of Gündoğan. Gundogan, which has not had many visitors yet, is a must-see for history and geography enthusiasts.

Karakaya Village

If you have the opportunity to explore the remote corners of Bodrum, turn your route to Karakaya Village. This village is in a very difficult place to notice, as it was built out of fear of pirates at the time.

Karakaya Village, named after the color of the rock on which it is located, is a paradise for nature lovers.

The Gumusluk view you will encounter after you get here will be a waste of your time.

Etrim Village

Etrim Village, located on Mumcular Road and where carpet weaving is not dead, is waiting for your visit to offer you the best of the village breakfasts and the most attractive points of the village culture.

You can even take weaving lessons if you wish in this village, which makes an effort to prevent the weaving profession from dying. Especially if you sit down and chat with the villagers, Etrim Village can be one of your favorite places in Bodrum.

Sandima Village

There is a Turkmen village left abandoned in Bodrum Yalikavak.

Villagers migrated to the coastal area, but an artist couple who discovered this place established an art house here. While you’re at it, you should definitely see the old but beautiful building they call Nuris Art House.


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