Natural Beauties to Visit in Uşak


Ulubey Canyon

When you want to set off from Uşak and go to Denizli, continue on your way through Ulubey, accompanied by a pleasant road route, Ulubey Canyon, which is the second largest canyon in America after the Grand Canyon, will appear. When you come across a giant work of nature, we are sure that you will watch this work of mother nature with amazement.

You can dive into the horizon against a wonderful view on the glass terrace made of bulletproof glass in Ulubey Canyon, which will add a unique experience to you with its depth of 170 m, width between 50 and 100 m, and length up to 45 km. The canyon embraces its visitors with its glass terrace, which we are sure will attract the curiosity of even those who are afraid of heights.

The glass terrace was put into service in 2015, and there is also a cafe. We are sure that you will spend pleasant moments with your family and loved ones in the cafeteria. As an important detail, there is an entrance fee.

The natural life in the canyon, which follows the Ulubey and Banaz streams, is diverse. It is estimated that in time, suitable conditions for paragliding will be created in the region where you can enjoy pleasant walks.

Ulubey Canyon is a unique opportunity to embrace nature with your loved ones and to climb the most secret steps of nature.

hot springs

In addition to its historical richness, Uşak also has rich underground waters, and there are also options for those who love spa tourism. Medicinal underground resources almost embrace health seekers. Uşak is an attractive region for tourists who will come to visit due to the spa holiday.

Located 7 km from Banaz, Hamamboğazı Waters is the perfect place to take advantage of its healing waters that are good for various ailments, and to take a walk accompanied by the clean air of the pine forests. The healing hands of mother nature are such as to cure your problems in the company of spa and pine forests in Uşak.

There are different waters called Sarıkız, gazoz and black girl, and it is thought that the waters here are good for rheumatic problems and ailments in our internal organs.

Food and Drink in Uşak

The first thing that comes to mind locally in Uşak is Uşak Tarhana. Tarhana, which is the most important element of Anatolian cuisine, is consumed intensively in this region. Uşak Tarhana, whose geographical indication feature has been registered, is made with hard work and is one of the flavors that must be tasted when you go to Uşak. Uşak tarhana, which is formed by the combination of tomatoes, capia peppers, onions, yoghurt and mint grown in the region, is one of the most important preparations made by almost every person in the region for winter and labor is kneaded with the discourse of a panacea.

Ulubey Döndürme Böreği, which is unique to Ulubey district, is a type of pastry that the local people love most and consume abundantly. Do not leave Uşak without tasting this delicious delicacy. It is just as impressive with its flavor smell where spinach and cheese meet.

Another dish belonging to the Uşak table is the combination of green lentils and bulgur.

It is a satisfying and nutritious meal with the amount of protein it contains, which is a unique taste in master hands. You should definitely taste it.

In addition, Iron Dessert, also known as Nişan dessert, made in an iron mold resembling a flower, is one of the unique flavors of the Uşak region.

Pot meat, which is prepared by using mostly goat or sheep meat in specially produced pottery, is one of the indispensable tastes of the people of Uşak. As soon as it dissolves in your mouth, you will realize how much it was worth to spend a long time preparing.

Keskek is a type of food that is made in almost every Anatolian city, but it also has a unique flavor in Uşak.

Tahini, sesame, poppy… Uşak adds flavor to the unique flavor of katmer. The taste of katmer, which is made with the dough that is baked on the sheet and opened by master hands, stays in your palate. Do not leave this land without eating katmer.

Uşak Festivals

Kilim Festival

Handmade rugs reflect the joy, sadness and hope of Anatolia at the Kilim Festival held in Eşme in the 4th week of May. The festival is worth seeing.

Sivaslı Culture and Art Festival

In addition, Sivaslı Culture and Art Festival, which is held between the fourth week of May and the first week of June, is important in terms of getting to know the cultural characteristics of Uşak.

Traditional Highland Festivals

We can say that the Traditional Highland Festivals, held in the city center in the first week of June, are the festive state of Uşak nature.

Clandras Weaving and Culture Festival

Clandras Weaving and Culture Festival held in Karahallı district may be one of the appropriate events for you.

Uşak’s Liberation Events

In the events organized for the liberation of Uşak, activities in the field of culture and art are also organized.

Uşak Javelin Competitions

The traditional javelin sport continues to be kept alive in the competitions held in April every year.

In addition to the competitions with predetermined rules, you can spend a lot of time here with exhibitions, fairs and events.

Nightlife and Shopping in Uşak

Even though the nightlife is not very lively in Uşak, thanks to the university located in the city center, we will come across many cafes and bar-style places.

You can have a good time in the places where live music is played, accompanied by melodies that will be good for your soul.

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