Places to Swim in Izmir: Izmir Beaches


There is no need to explain how lucky the people of Izmir are when it comes to sea, sand, sun and beach. It is not possible to keep these sea people at home on the weekends, who travel by ferry in the city, picnic on the grass in Kordon, and inhabit the beaches for evening walks.

Turkey’s most popular beaches and coves are located within the borders of İzmir and are only 1 hour away from the center.

If you happen to be in Izmir and the surrounding provinces, we have brought together the rarest addresses where you can meet the cool waters of the Aegean under this title. Here are the beautiful Izmir Bays .

Izmir Beaches and Bays

Guzelbahce Beaches

Located on the transit route from İzmir to popular holiday resorts such as Urla and Çeşme , Güzelbahçe; It offers the closest beach opportunity to the city center.

It is possible to reach the Güzelbahçe beaches, 35 km from the city center, by public buses and minibuses.

The beach areas here are operated by the district municipality and free changing cabins, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas are provided to the public. Especially the public beach in Siteler Mahallesi is very popular among the locals of the city.

Apart from this, it is possible to swim next to the Night Market area in Yalı District and on the coastline of Maltepe District.

Çeşmealtı-Urla Beaches

With its beautiful villages, vineyards, and the farmers’ market that fills up every week , Urla is one of the favorite places to swim in Izmir.

Located 40 km from the city center, Urla; It is very active throughout the season as it also hosts events that have gone beyond the borders of Turkey, such as the Vintage Festivals and the Artichoke Festival.

The coastline where the town meets the sea is called Çeşmealtı. Visiting Çeşmealtı and Urla is a unique opportunity to both integrate with nature and get rid of the stress of city life.

Sand Sea Beach

This beach operated by the municipality; Since 2017, it has the status of a blue flag beach . It is possible to walk knee-deep for meters in the shallow waters of the Sand Sea Beach; For this reason, it is an option that should be considered especially by families with children.

There is no fee to enter the beach, where there are options such as showers, changing rooms and cafeteria. For families who prefer this place, the food and beverage prices in the cafe are also very reasonable.

Altinkoy Beach

Whether you come with your picnic basket and spread out on the ground and take advantage of the free shower, you can enter Marika Beach Club for 30 TL on weekdays and 40 TL on weekends.

The waters of Altınköy are quite cool compared to the Aegean coast, so be prepared for that. When coming by private vehicle, you can reach the beach from Altınköy Çiftlik Evleri Sitesi.

Demircili Bay Beach

This bay, which you can reach by a 20-minute drive from Urla district center, has the cleanest sea in Urla. There are pebbles on the ground and the sea water is quite cold as in Altınköy.

It is possible to enter this beach by paying 35 TL for 2 people.

There is also another beach called Melengeç Beach within the borders of Demircili. This family-run property is paid per vehicle and does not accept credit cards; Facilities such as shower and toilet are also available.

Cesmealti Beach

Çeşmealtı, which is one of the most peaceful places to visit in and around İzmir, is a very convenient summer resort for swimming. Here you don’t have to be tied to any facility; Piers and beach along the coastline are open to the public.

However, for services such as sunbeds and eating and drinking, there are of course different places you can choose.

Çeşmealtı Mavi Beach is the most popular option here.

You can also experience Palm Motel Beach Club as an alternative to accommodation close to the beach.

Uzbek Village Beach

Özbek village is a preferred settlement especially for its nature and fish restaurants. Of course, you can take a sea break while taking nature walks and taking photos here.

It is possible to enter the beach by paying a symbolic fee of 10 TL per person. Sunbeds and umbrellas are included in the price.

The business on the street, also called Eğriliman, also has a very reasonably priced cafeteria.

If you wish, you can also evaluate accommodation options in Uzbek.


Here you can sit in a cafe and enjoy swimming at the same time for extremely reasonable fees.

Gelinkaya, which has a very clean sea, takes its name from the natural stone that resembles the bride at the entrance of the region.

There can be occasional jellyfish here; so it’s worth paying attention to.


This island off the coast of Urla is operated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for a small fee.

There are expeditions to Yassıcaada from Karşıyaka and Üçkuyular piers every day except Mondays. Ferries departing from Karşıyaka at 08.30 and from Üçkuyular at 09:00 arrive at the island at 10.15. This service offered to adults for 22 TL round trip; Free for children 0-6 years old. The return flight from the island takes place at 17.45.

Since many social responsibility projects are carried out in Yassıcaada, this place is quite economical. The municipality provides the disabled, elderly or other disadvantaged groups to meet with the sea on certain days of the week.

Gulbahce – Balikliova Beaches

When you turn your way to the north and continue towards Karaburun from Urla, there are two warm stops that you will encounter. When you first arrive in Gülbahçe and then in Balıklıova, you will be 70 km away from the city center.

Of course, we will also talk about the places to go to the sea, but first stop at the first place you see on the road and buy Balıklıova’s famous flour cookies. The sea makes people hungry, doesn’t it?

There are small hostels and motels, plenty of free swimming and modest facilities here. You can easily use any of the entrance areas of the cottage sites.

If you also have portable chairs, it will not be enough to say to your pleasure. However, if you want to listen to loud music on the beach, socialize and of course pay a high entrance fee, you should continue to Çeşme without deviating in this direction.

Karaburun – Mordogan Beaches

Especially when you discover a place where the retired people live, you should never hesitate to get involved here. With years of experience, they certainly know best the most delicious seafood, the most reasonable prices and the untouched bays.

While people are crushing each other in popular seaside resorts, there is a completely different Aegean Sea in Karaburun.

Be prepared for winding roads as you head towards Mordoğan, which is 80 km away from İzmir, and Karaburun, 20 km away. Of course, there are many coves in this natural structure, which has many recesses and protrusions and resembles a promontory. You will be able to reach some bays only by boat.

Let us remind you that there are sea bus services departing from Foça 3 days a week for Mordoğan.

Bodrum Bay

Bodrum Bay, located in Karaburun, is the most assertive alternative you will encounter in terms of number of facilities and comfort.

The entrance to the beach is free, there is a changing cabin. You can use the cafes for other services.

The sea is stony and deep; but absolutely immaculate.

Dolungaz Bay

While moving towards the beach, which can be reached from the dirt road and only indicated by small signs; You might think you were the first to discover this place.

It is useful to go with your picnic basket; In this way, you can enjoy the view of Mytilene.

Mimosa Cove

If you don’t like to deviate on mysterious roads, stay in the center of Karaburun. Mimoza Bay is also quite sheltered; therefore there are no waves and winds, the beach is pebble.

The number of businesses is less than a holiday resort; but enough to meet your eating and drinking needs.

You do not need to pay any fee to enter the bay.

Kuyucak and Aquarium Beaches

Both beaches are in the center of Karaburun, both are blue flagged . You may also hear the Aquarium Beach referred to as İncirlikoy.

Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beaches operated by the municipality are only 10 TL per person. Toilets are clean, food and beverage prices are also very reasonable.

Coloring Dark

This bay on the Kösedere coast also attracts visitors with its turquoise sea.

You will not pay an entrance fee in Boyabağı either; but here you can have a snack at Mavi İnci Cafe at very reasonable prices.

Juniper Beach

At this most popular meeting point of Mordoğan with the sea, you can use the free umbrellas on the public beach, or you can enter the businesses that serve as a beach club.

Umbrella and mattress prices are in the range of 35 TL.

In Ardıç, the sea floor is sandy and the water level is quite shallow; For this reason, families with children flock here.

Seal Bay

This place is very close to Juniper, but it has a completely different significance. This place, which is the breeding ground of Mediterranean monk seals, has been declared a protected area. If you still want to see this natural beauty, you can choose the facility called Seal Beach Club around it.

The place serves as a club at night. The entrance fee is 40 TL per person, including a drink.


You can consider this charming settlement, which is 10 km away from Karaburun, as a last alternative.

This place, which is completely isolated from the crowd of local tourists due to its location, is ideal for those who love camping and nature trips.

Of course, there is no entrance fee.

The water is cold; both cold and clear. The ground is gravelly and rocky.

Cesme Beaches

Cesme , which is 90 km away from the center of Izmir, has been flooded by local tourists, especially from Istanbul, in recent years. The face of the district has completely changed as a result of the opening of a new place every day, the beaches overflowing and especially the famous names residing here.

When coming to Çeşme, you should be prepared for the prices that are quite high compared to İzmir in general.

In the district of Çeşme, which spreads over a wide geography, transportation opportunities are limited; For this reason, you may consider coming by a private vehicle or renting a car to move freely.

Ayayorgi Bay Beaches

Ayayorgi Bay is a magnificent bay with a turquoise sea. Ayayorgi Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bays of Izmir ! The sea is extremely clean and there are hardly any waves.

It couldn’t be a coincidence that the most famous places in Çeşme were gathered here, right? The venues, each serving as a beach during the day and as a night club in the evening, cover the entire bay.

You can join any of Babylon, Sole&Mare, Paparazzi, Tren Beach Club or KafePi Beach and join the fun right away. These venues are known for both their “Happy Hour” entertainment and evening parties.

You also have the chance to come across live performances from world-famous names.

Entrances start from 65 TL per person; Some venues may additionally charge a parking fee of 20 TL.

Alacati Beaches

Alaçatı , once known only to surfing enthusiasts , is now the undisputed most expensive place in Çeşme.

Although there are free beach options such as Çark Beach and Delikli Bay , in addition to the public beach, within the borders of Alaçatı, let’s say from the beginning that you will have to pay more for the water in the market.

In places with private beaches, there are usually lodges, VIP seating groups and private bar areas. Paradiso, Zio Beach and Beirut Beach are just some of the most popular venues in the area. Entries start from 65 TL.

In Alaçatı, you can stay in boutique hotels converted from stone houses and take lessons at surf schools. Surf lessons are priced in euros and a boutique training starts at 100 euros.

Ilica Beach

Good news for those who are heartbroken while reading Ayayorgi and Alaçatı fees; Ilica is a much more modest option.

There’s even a free public beach area here; however, you will see that there are sunbeds in front of the places that mostly serve in the style of cafes. Hotel chains such as Sheraton and Radisson Blu also have their own private beaches on the coast of Ilica.

Ilıca’s shallow waters are ideal for those who do not know how to swim or who do not feel confident in deep waters.

Be prepared to encounter a real crowd and struggle to find a place, especially during weekends and holidays. You can rent 2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella for 30 TL in an affordable business.

Sifne Beaches

In Şifne, which is 5 km from Ilıca, the prices of sunbeds are around 30 TL.

In Paşalimanı Bay, located in Şifne, the water is cooler, unlike Ilıca, and there are pebbles at the entrance of the sea. You can also use a pier if you wish.

Those looking for a business that also offers eating and drinking alternatives can enter Quente Beach Club for 50 TL.

Boyalik Beach

Let’s continue with the modest options. Boyalık is a beach in its own right, where you can use it with your family free of charge and buy mussels and milk corn from peddlers. Of course, you will have to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas, but the prices are not more than in Ilıca.

Accommodation options such as Boyalık Beach Hotel and Rooms Beach Hotel are also available along the 4-kilometer coastline.

Ciftlikkoy Beaches

Altinkum and Pırlanta beaches are the main options that make Ciftlikkoy popular. Both live up to their name: You can swim in a shallow and clear sea like a diamond from golden sands and watch the tiny fish in the water.

It is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas for 20-30 TL.

Ciftlikkoy also has fun beach spots such as Fun Beach and Fly-inn Beach Club. You can go there with your friends and enjoy various water sports.

You have to pay separately for all food, beverages and activities inside, including only sunbeds and umbrellas, for entrance fees starting from 50 TL.

Ovacik Beach

Ovacık, where mostly summer residences are located, is a region that can finally be called calm in Çeşme.

The free public beach of Ovacık, which was originally a village, is also called Azmak Beach. It is even possible to use the sun loungers of the sites on days when there is no density.

Before Sunset Beach, on the other hand, is a popular venue that enlivens this quiet town and includes towels, sunbeds and umbrellas in the 60 TL entrance fee.


This bay is located in Dalyan region; it is even called the “Pearl of Dalyan”.

There are areas where you can play beach volleyball or basketball in the bay. You can enter here for free and benefit from the activities.


It is not a dream to find a quiet fishing town in Çeşme. Especially if you go here during the off-season, in May or October, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Ildırı.

Ildırı, which also hosts famous TV series with its magnificent nature; It is in one of the most beautiful bays of Çeşme and has areas where you can swim for free.

Gumuldur-Ozdere Beaches

Menderes district is the first stop where you can meet the sea when you turn the route towards the south rather than west while moving from the center of İzmir.

The district center is 20 km from Izmir and only 6 km from Adnan Menderes Airport.

There are two distinguished holiday destinations such as Gümüldür and Ürkmez on the 43-kilometer coastline of this district.

Gumuldur Beaches

There is a blue flag public beach in Gümüldür. This beach, which is completely free, is crowded with daily vacationers, especially on weekends. On the beach, there are facilities such as umbrellas and showers belonging to the summer estates, and they can be used without any problems.

If you want to take advantage of the blue flag registered businesses, there are Denizati Holiday Village, Club Cactus Paradise, Club Yali Resort, Yali Castle Aquapark and Lookea Maxima Bay beaches that can be used by private customers.

Ozdere Beaches

When you enter the borders of Özdere, the blue flag public beach alternative increases to two. In addition to the famous Çukuraltı Public Beach, Orta Mahalle also has a public beach with a clean sea.

Again, we should point out that the summer sites are predominantly the daily holidaymakers who come with their own umbrellas and even food and drinks. If you want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, the fees at the establishments are around 30 TL.

In addition, Paloma Pasha Resort, Onyria Claros and Paloma Club Sultan, which are the best accommodation and entertainment alternatives in the region, also have blue flag beaches. In Paloma, you can participate in many water sports activities from Jet-Ski to windsurfing, from ringo to banana.


Seferihisar district, 50 kilometers from the center, is also neighbor to Menderes. Sığacık , which is among the places to swim in İzmir , has always been a suitable place for a holiday, but when tourism points such as Ürkmez and Doğanbey, which were previously directly connected to the metropolitan city, were connected here, it became the county with the most blue flag beaches in the country.

There are 13 blue flag beach businesses , 10 of which are public beaches, within the borders of Seferihisar district . Private businesses include Angora Beach Club in Doğanbey, Tahsin Ar Facilities in Akarca and Euphoria Aegean Beach Resort & Spa in Sığacık.

Sigacik-Akarca Beaches

Büyük Akkum Beach, Akarca Beach, Gemisuyu Beach, Iztur Sertur Site Beach and Bahadır Mevkii Beach located around Sığacık are five of the blue flag public beaches in the district.

On these beaches, which are free of charge, there are facilities where you can take advantage of eating and drinking facilities and rent sunbeds. Prices are reasonable, the beach and sea floors are all sand; therefore, be prepared for the struggle to find a place in the crowd.

Ürkmez-Doğanbey Beaches

Sakızağacı, Ömür Town and Havacılar Sitesi beaches in Doğanbey are open to the public and are blue flagged.

In Ürkmez, there are public beaches in Ürkmez and Bengiler Mahallesi with blue flags. It would be wrong to expect too many facilities and entertainment since these are mostly settlements with summer houses.

However, there is a cafe in front of the Night Market in Doğanbey where you can rent sunbeds for 20 TL.

As an accommodation alternative, you can also consider renting a summer house or stay in one of the apart hotels.


You can also catch a last sea opportunity in the Selçuk district , 80 kilometers from the city center, at the southernmost point of the Izmir border .

Although the provincial border of Aydın begins after Selçuk, Kuşadası is only a 1.5-hour drive away. Therefore, when you come to Izmir, do not forget to swim in the shadow of Ephesus and tour the crowded beaches of Kusadasi.

Selcuk Pamucak Beach

Located 9 km from Selçuk and only 6 km from the Ancient City of Ephesus, this beach spreads over an extremely long area. The beach, which consists of sand as far as the eye can see, is followed by a layer of sand in the sea. Let’s be warned, this is a windy area; so the sea can be choppy.

Along the long coast, there are places where you can swim without paying, and there are beach businesses. There are toilet and shower facilities as well as two kiosks on the public beach.

Kusadasi Beaches

For those who can’t help but come to Kusadasi , which is 100 km from the city center , the most famous beach here is the Ladies Beach . Since it is a public beach, you do not have to pay any fees; Although the fees for sunbeds vary according to the facilities, they start from the range of 25-30 TL.

Apart from this, there are popular options such as Güzelçamlı National Park, Sevgi Beach, Yeşil Beach and Kustur Beach.

Since Kusadasi is so colorful at night, you can consider staying in one of the hotels close to the beach.

Foca Beaches

The options for swimming in Izmir are endless, right? Fortunately, we warned you about this from the beginning.

Although we have completed the west and south axes so far, there are still corners of paradise waiting for your visit in the north of the city. The first stop is Foça, where people living in Karşıyaka get away almost every weekend.

The distance of Foça to the city center is only 63 km; Apart from private vehicles, there are also options to reach here by ferry and Izban transfer.

Old Foça Public Beach

The old-new distinction in Foça may confuse you for a while. Old Foça, where the heart of the district beats; Foça directions on the signs also lead here.

The public beach, which you can enter without paying any fee, is naturally crowded; It cannot be said that the sea is not very clean, especially on weekends.

However, you will be able to find unlimited alternatives especially in terms of eating and drinking while swimming in Old Foça.

Yeni Foça Public Beach

New Foça, on the other hand, is a more untouched area that you can reach with a 15-20 minute drive. Here, there are more summer sites and a public beach that you can enter free of charge.

If you are looking for a beach club-style business; Before you reach Yeni Foça, you can stay at Mambo Beach on the way. This establishment, which also offers a bungalow hotel option, can be entered by paying an entrance fee of 40 TL per person.

Sazlica Bay

Again, this bay, which you come across as you head from Old Foça to New Foça, is home to many large and small beaches.

Especially if you like to try new places and if you have the equipment to have a good time without facilities such as portable chairs and picnic baskets, you can evaluate this place.

Aliaga-Sakran Beaches

The first thing that comes to mind when Aliağa is mentioned is not the sea; but of course there are beach options in this part of the city.

Moreover, you can reach the center of the district directly from almost anywhere in Izmir with Izban.

When you come to Aliağa, which is 62 kilometers from the city center, you can choose Aliağa Police Beach. Here, you can benefit from services such as sun loungers and umbrellas for a symbolic fee of 8 TL.

Şakran, which is connected to Aliağa, definitely has a cleaner sea. If you want to swim in the cool waters of the North Aegean, Şakran Beach is free of charge; and extremely peaceful.

Candarli-Dikili Beaches

Since you have reached this northernmost tip of İzmir, you can give credit to the beaches in Çandarlı and Dikili .

Çandarlı is about 95 km from İzmir; 20 km from here, you will reach Dikili.

An alternative to reaching this region by private car is to use the bus services going in the direction of Balıkesir and Çanakkale. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a large number of expeditions, especially during the summer season.

Candarli Public Beach

Çandarlı can also be described as a retirement paradise. This means that you can have peace of mind in terms of both wages and calmness.

Kaleönü Public Beach is the place where vacationers go swimming the most. There is no entry fee here; the sea is beautiful. Since there will be many cafes and markets around you, you can easily meet all your needs.

Dikili Public Beach

You can also choose Dikili Public Beach for a blue flag sea. This place is also called Dikili Merkez Beach.

The beach, which is in a very central location, is very crowded in high season.

There is no entrance fee, but sunbed rental fees start from 20 TL.

Almond Cove

This is the address that everyone in Dikili will recommend to you as if unanimously. Indeed, this bay overlooking the famous Kalem Island is a natural wonder.

There is a free public beach here, but if you want, you can enter Fame Beach in the bay for 25 TL per person. There is also an area to eat inside.

Pen Island

This island, which is owned by a single person, is like the Maldives of Izmir.

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