Uşak Travel Guide


Uşak stands out with its majestic nature, thousands of years of dazzling history, established on the Gördes-Uşak plateau in the Inner West Anatolian part of the Aegean Region.

It is known that Uşak, which has a very important historical place, has hosted many civilizations. The history of Uşak dates back to BC. It dates back to 4000 BC and was called Temenothyrea in ancient times. From the Hittites to the Phrygians, from the Lydians who used the first money in history, to the Byzantine Empire and many other civilizations. Evliya Çelebi also mentions this city in his travel book as the City of Lovers (City of Uşşak). It is estimated that its current name comes from the word Uşşak, which means lover in Arabic.

Uşak is surrounded by Kütahya in the north, Denizli in the south , Manisa in the west and Afyonkarahisar in the east.

Carpet and rug weaving comes to the fore in Uşak, which has made a name for itself with its handicrafts. These rugs, in which the souls of the Anatolian people are stitched, reflect the Anatolian culture, the joy, sadness and hope of the Anatolian people in the best way.

In the 16th century, one of the brightest periods of Turkish carpet art was experienced thanks to the carpets made in this region, and Eşme rugs are among the important handicrafts that introduced the Uşak region.

Uşak has also succeeded in being the first in many fields: Uşak is the place where electricity was used for the first time, the first sugar factory was established, the first javelin and volleyball competition was held, the first children’s library was opened and the first sergeant factory was established. In this sense, we can say that Uşak is the city of firsts.

Climate in Uşak, when to go?

Although Uşak is located in the Aegean Region, it is a place where the continental climate is more dominant. In other words, we can say be prepared for surprises when you go to Uşak.

We recommend that you bring an umbrella and a cardigan with you. Winter months are long and rainy, accompanied by harsh cold, so spring and summer months are the best times to visit and see the unique historical and natural beauties of Uşak.

We are sure that it will be wonderful to make nature and history trips in the spring and summer, accompanied by the scent of spring flowers.

How to get to Uşak? & Local Transportation Facilities

It is possible to reach Uşak by road, air and rail. In this respect, it winks with its transportation options. You can reach the city, which is located on the İzmir-Ankara highway, either by your own vehicle or by many bus companies operating on this route. It is very easy to reach with many roads connected to it. In this sense, Uşak has positive features in terms of location.

The railway line passing through the city is also among the options that can be preferred for those who like to travel by train. You can reach Uşak by rail by choosing any of the expeditions running between İzmir-Uşak-Afyon routes.

In addition, although it is an airport belonging to the city, it is not used very actively anymore, but it is possible to reach the city by shuttles from Zafer Airport , which is located in the Altıntaş district of the neighboring province of Kütahya.

There is also minibus and bus transportation in the city, and you can easily reach the surrounding districts by these roads.

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