Places to Visit in Datça


In addition to historical artifacts dating back centuries, Datça Peninsula also hosts natural beauties where you can find the most beautiful views of the Aegean.

Old Datça and Can Yücel Street

If you start with Can Yücel’s home, Old Datça, you will come across the bust of Can Yücel in the cafe and the last remaining wine, after Can Yücel Sokak, which you will come across while visiting those old houses where colorful bougainvillea hangs.

Old Datca

He is now identified with Can Yücel. Coming to Datça from Marmaris, you first pass through Old Datça and then reach the present port.

The neighborhood called Old Datça is actually a village that has been here for centuries, a little far from the sea, dealing with olive and almond farming.

Can Yücel also came and settled in a house in this village, which is still preserved as a museum. You can always see art lovers who come to visit the master on Can Yücel Sokak, where the house is located.

Apart from that, the stone-paved streets of the village are full of stalls and tiny shops displaying handicrafts.

To take a break, I suggest you drink natural lemonade or a whopping coffee at the village coffeehouse.

There is also an old olive mill in the village, where olive oil is produced (a boy who lives in the village and suggested to us to tour the mill took us for a tour).

Knidos Ancient City

Knidos, one of the most important cities of its time, has positioned itself as a center of art, trade and culture.

Persians and Dorians established civilizations in Knidos, whose history dates back to the 14th century BC. The Ancient City of Knidos is approximately 40 km from Datça Center.

It takes about 50 minutes as the road is quite bumpy.

If you do not have a private vehicle, you can reach Palamutbükü minibuses.

It is located at the westernmost tip of the Datça Peninsula and it is really difficult to go. It stays so far in the west that a message from your GSM operator saying “Welcome to Greece” comes to your phone and informs you about the international tariff.

The dirt road is always narrow and makes numerous bends between the hills. In one part of the road, the road narrows so much that you cannot be sure that even a single car will pass.

Boat tours also dock here and I can say that it is an easier way to come.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this place was seen as an island in ancient times and the main settlement on this island was Knidos. It is not difficult to understand why this place was chosen, it has two natural harbors. Tour boats still dock at the larger one in the south. The other one, located just to the north, has been completely abandoned to its natural state.

There is also a small public beach where you can swim in the port in the south, but I don’t think it makes much sense to swim here when you are so close to coves such as Palamutbükü, Datça and Bozburun.


The Ancient City, on the other hand, is built on a hill overlooking the harbor, so it requires a solid walk, you may have difficulty with slippers. The view from above is spectacular, so don’t be lazy and definitely get out! One side is the Mediterranean, one side is the Aegean, two harbors below you and the boats waving from place to place, the vast blue sea in front of you… You will not be able to get enough of taking pictures, you will even want to come and settle in this ancient city.

The entrance fee to the Ancient City is 12 TL, but the Museum Card is valid. It can be visited between 08:00 – 19:00 between April 15 and October 2. I would not recommend you to come in winter anyway, it will be rainy and cool. Those who have somehow lost their way can visit between 08:00 and 17:00 between October 3 and April 14.

In Knidos, which developed especially thanks to the wine, olive oil and almond trade and reached a rich and powerful position among the Aegean Islands for a period, many temples, some Doric and Corinthian style, dedicated to various names from Ancient Greek Mythology, a large forum and an amphitheater that is indispensable for ancient settlements. (odeon) is located.

The sundial, which is still preserved, is the most interesting historical artifact.


Palamutbükü , which you will reach by minibus after stopping by the ancient city of Knidos and saying hello to the Knidos Lighthouse , intends to please all kinds of visitors with both pebble and sand beaches as one of Datça’s magnificent coves.

Palamutbükü, which is 25 kilometers from Datça, can be reached by minibuses from the city center. There is a very long coastline in Palamutbükü and along this strip you can find bars, tea gardens, various restaurants to eat, etc.

Located in the part of Datça facing the Mediterranean, Palamütbükü is followed by Hayıtbükü, Kızılbük and Ovabükü beaches, which bring together the most beautiful colors of green and blue .

When you turn towards the sea from the Mazı Village junction, you will see a magnificent view of the sea from above, watch it to your heart’s content (but if you are the driver, be careful not to crash, it is best to pull over).

A little further off the coast, you will see a barren island, the shape of which is unbelievably classically guitar-like. Its official name is Palamutbükü Island, but I think it should be Guitar Island instead .

Many years ago, when I first went to Palamutbükü, there was nothing. Since the village houses were built a little further from the shore, the shore was empty and there was only a fisherman who caught fish in his boat and sold it by taking it to Datça. You were pulling your car to the side of the road and entering the sea from the empty beach, getting in your car and returning to Datça.

Then, every time I went to the beach, a new hostel or restaurant offering sun loungers was added. A small hotel was built later. Every year, the number and breadth of the facilities are increasing a little more, and if this goes fast, it will turn into any tourist-filled holiday resort. Therefore, my advice to you is to act quickly and go to Palamutbükü this summer.

The sea is even colder than Datça, but it is incredibly clear because it is completely stony. Even in places that exceed your height, you can clearly see the stones at the bottom and watch the huge fish swimming.

Also, the sea gets deep immediately, and you come to a depth that exceeds your height in three steps. I liken it to Anamuryum , which I mentioned in my Mersin article . I say go for both!

Don’t miss the statue of the Seal Badem, the lovely symbol of Datça Harbor, and the Demeter Bust and Lion Statue on the amphitheater road.

Kizlan Village

Even though one of the 6 Kızlan Windmills that will greet you when you come to Kızlan Village, the coolest part of Datça, is used as a restaurant and the other as a house, the rest are left to themselves. Reşadiye, which is organized as a protected area, should also be seen.

Datça Olive Farm, which was bought to the USA by an investor producing olives but later sold to someone from the region, and Datça Wineyard, the wine producer of the region, are also open to visitors.

Bozburun Peninsula

The place that will attract trekking travelers the most is undoubtedly the Bozburun Peninsula. This peninsula is actually located between Marmaris and Datça.

There are many trekking groups on the hills, if you wish, you can join one of them. There are also few ancient ruins and roads on these hills. Wherever you walk, you always see a perfect sea view.

Speaking of the sea, the sea of ​​Bozburun Peninsula is also very beautiful, of course.

Generally, there is no beach in the classical sense, as in Foça, you enter the sea directly from the pier. Because the sea is deep, it is waveless.

There are boutique hotels and hostels along the coast.

In addition, boats from Datça Harbor or Marmaris can also tour Bozburun. Just be careful when choosing a boat, because I arranged it from the agency without seeing the boat, I found myself on a three-story ship full of more than a hundred Russian tourists and I did not enjoy it as much as the trips with those small boats.

Datca Concerts

Finally, I would like to mention the amphitheater in the center of Datça. Datça Amphitheater , which you will reach by passing the narrow road between the port and the public beach, is actively used today, I listened to a few concerts.

Famous names can be ticketed when they come, but Datça Municipality often organizes public concerts with local artists. For example, I went to the Datça – Simi Friendship Concert, it was a different experience.

In this concert, Turkish and Greek singers sang songs in their own languages ​​either together or in turn; Then the Mayor of Datça came out and played Harmanda, while the Mayor of Simi responded with a sirtaki. The concert was in a general festive mood. As I said, it was quite an interesting experience!

Although Simi Island, which is right across Datça, is connected to Greece, they are so close to us that they come by ferry every weekend and do their shopping at Datça Market . Therefore, the people and administrators of the two settlements are very close.

Activities to Do in Datça. What to do in Datça?

  • You can go to Can Yücel’s house on the street named after him in Old Datça and visit his elaborate library or attend the commemoration ceremony on 12 August


    • If you come for a holiday, you can meet the most beautiful shades of green and blue with tours departing from the Blue Flag Datça beaches or Datça Harbor .
    • In addition to all these, probably the best part of Datça will be nature walks and water sports. The trails set up in forest areas make nature walks ideal as they are reliable at all hours of the day. Kent Park will also meet this need and provide the necessary environment for your morning sports.
    • It is not a shame not to know, it is a shame not to learn in Datça, which steals the hearts of those who love windsurfing and sailing with its beaches suitable for water sports. So go to the courses on the Path of Love, do not be shy.
    • If you go to the facilities in Gebekum, it is possible to take these trainings there. It is also possible to attend various courses such as swimming and basketball opened by Datça Municipality.
    • Finally, let’s offer a vineyard tour in Datça Wineyard and then a wine tasting.

    What to Eat in Datça?

    As you know, swimming in the sea makes you hungry. Of course, you won’t go hungry in Datça either. There used to be two or three options for food, now a dozen new restaurants are opened every time I go, even some fast food chains have opened branches.

    I will recommend Zekeriya Sofrası , which I have been going for a long time . A true artisan restaurant. You can eat home cooked meals at affordable prices, there are also grilled meatballs. It is located one street behind the public beach on Kumluk Yolu. Since Datça is a place loved by the old people, you can tell its place from the crowd.

    Those who prefer a meal at the tables set by the sea, accompanied by the smell of salt brought by the breeze and the music of the waves, can head to the restaurants lined up along the public beach, where fish is also available.

    The restaurants lined up along the seafront in Palamutbükü also allow you to use their sun loungers all day long if you have a meal. They serve fish or meatballs.

    If you want to start the day with a nice breakfast, Cafe Inn Datça offers a unique feast with homemade jams and breakfast salad. You can also try the honey flavored by Datça’s wildflowers here.

    In Yakamengen, which has a sweeter, fairy-tale ambiance, you can start with goat cheese salad and continue with fried mother-style meatballs, and then end with almond pudding, which they describe as a happy ending.

    Fevzi’s Yeri, on the other hand, is a place where you can get enough of Datça’s famous appetizers such as mussels with rice, rock groves, olive paste with walnuts and caper sprouts.

    If you go to Hüsnü’nun Yeri, it is possible to encounter authentic appetizers such as grilled octopus and stuffed zucchini flowers, but what you should definitely eat here is Datça Calamari with raki.

    Eat as much as you can in Datça, where you will always find fresh seafood. The secret of shrimp, trance, red mullet and lagos, whose taste is not similar to what you eat elsewhere, is that they are on the table covered with Aegean herbs.

    If you want to try local dishes, labada, dallampa or karaville, a kind of snail dish, can be good choices.

Accommodation in Datça

You have options from Datça, the address of the investors who have signed exquisite places, from facilities to boutique businesses. If you are looking for a nice facility in Datça, Mavi Beyaz would be a good choice. The fact that this Blue Flag hotel is by the sea allowed it to create its own private beach area.

You can choose the air-conditioned rooms of Villa Aşina , which overlook the islands of Symi and Rhodes . If you prefer a bungalow, Bal Badem Bungalow in Mesudiye will be an ideal option.

If you want to stay in an apartment in Datça, which opens the door to different alternatives , Gebora Suits & Holiday Homes in Palamutbükü , and Knidos Boutique Hotel  or Datça Camping  can be preferred for your most economical choices  .

Shopping in Datça

You can buy herbs from the region, such as thyme, black herb, rosemary, sumac, carob, and caper, which you can easily find in the neighborhood markets, or you can choose their spices.

You can buy organic fruits and vegetables from these markets, where you can find all kinds of fish, especially squid.

Do not return without buying honey and almonds unique to Datça and the blend of these two flavors with honey and almonds.

If you go to Olive Farm, you can find food products such as olive paste, vinegars, carob molasses, olive oil, care and cleaning products, textiles, wood and ceramic products.

You can choose whatever you want as a gift from Datça, where you can find wines with regional flavors such as honey and almond flavored white wine, as well as world-renowned varieties.

It is also possible to find handicrafts and weaving products in shops and looms selling village products.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Datça

You will love the almond blossoms of Datça, which welcomes its visitors in white with the Datça Almond Blossom Festival in February, adorned with snow heralding spring. When the year reaches April, the traditional Almond Rice Festival fills the town with excitement.

There is another revolting event unique to Datça, which is the Datça Fancy Women’s Cycling Tour . You can continue the “perfume against exhaust” resistance by joining the group’s bicycle ride, which set out with an environmentalist movement.

One of the events that has become a tradition is the International Secret of Knidos Culture and Art Festival. It should be said that the festival, which hosts various works of art, is pro-peace.

In addition to all these, Datça, where you can find entertainment clubs in addition to restaurants and cafes, hosts important names every year. You can choose between Antik Cafe & Bar on Can Yücel Street, Eclipse Music Bar and Bamboo Bar.

We wish you a perfect holiday in Datça, where you can have both a sea and a cultural holiday and have fascinated poets!

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