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“You strike a match to see the almond blossoms in the dark.

And in the seas of March, your eyes are a pair of uneasy cisterns.

Are you going to open a business, will it be a fire or spring for us now?”

Now is the time to reach the almond blossoms, air and water of Datça, which made Can Yücel write the lines that wink at love with his words and which is the shelter of the poet.

When you close your eyes, we bring you a delicious travel scent from Datça, which will make you feel like you’ve landed on its beautiful beaches, leaving yourselves to the blowing wind, and will bring you to heaven when you hold on to its hands, which will bring you peace.

How to go to Datça?

The road to Datça is quite a long way off. It’s not like that, it’s pretty out of the way. Its beauty comes from here, as it is very difficult to reach, it is better preserved than other holiday resorts.

It used to be an almost deserted place, but now, with the relative increase in transportation opportunities, the influx of tourists has started.

In ancient times, Datça was considered an island, and even the narrow road that connects Marmaris with a very low height from the water was under water for a while and it is thought that Datça was indeed an island for a period.

There are two routes that can be used by those who come by private vehicle: The first is to continue on the road by following the Datça sign when you arrive in Marmaris, and to reach Datça by land via the roads that curve around the mountains.

The second method is more interesting and enjoyable. The ferry that departs from Bodrum port every day brings you with your vehicle to the port located in the north of Datça, and from there you reach the center of Datça in five minutes. Thus, you cross the mountain road (but of course you have to go the Bodrum road). It is a very good choice to see Datça, especially while you are in Bodrum , there is no point in taking the long highway.

Those who do not want to get tired with their cars can go to Datça by buying a bus or plane ticket

In summer, there are buses from every city in Turkey to Datça.

To arrive by air, Dalaman Airport is the best choice, but it is also possible to land at Bodrum Airport and use the ferry I mentioned above. You can compare ticket prices on our site and make your own decision.

Afterwards, you can come to Marmaris by Havaş buses and reach Datça or Muttaş directly to the district center.

When you land at the airport, you can rent a car or benefit from private transfer services.

If you are traveling with your private car, you have an average of 6 hours from Izmir, 11 hours from Ankara, 14 hours from Istanbul and 2 hours from Muğla.

Although a car journey that will allow you to pass through the roads that will fascinate you with its nature will be good for you, there is an option such as bus transportation to Datça for those who do not want to be behind the wheel for that long. With many different bus companies such as Metro Turizm, Pamukkale Turizm, Kamil Koç, and Ulusoy, you can reach the delicious scent, blue and green of Datça.

When to go to Datça?

Of course, go in the summer! Datça has an excellent sea, it is very clean and clear as it has not been fully taken over by the “tourism industry” yet.

Let me also say that the water is quite cold, those who are not used to it may feel cold in May and September.

The same goes for the weather in Datça, even in July and August the nights are breezy. It may not be a bad idea for those who get cold easily to bring a thin cardigan.

Of course, do not forget to bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for your health.

Why go to Datça?

Here we come to my favorite part. Why is it a lot to go to Datça? It offers not only a sea holiday, but also nature trips, cultural tours and windsurfing opportunities for those who want it.

We all know that Alaçatı is the windsurfing capital of our country, but Datça comes in second place and a large facility awaits its enthusiasts right at the entrance of Datça.

As for the sea, there are two wonderful public beaches in the heart of Datça, moreover, they are located next to each other. I would recommend the one across the Sevgi Yolu, where Datça Hospital is located, farther from the port, calmer and cleaner.

There are many restaurants on the beach opposite Kumluk Road, where the teacher’s house used to be, and you can eat and drink something and use the sun loungers if you want. Both beaches have umbrellas, showers and changing cabins provided by the municipality.

Those who want an even clearer sea should hop on their private vehicles and follow the Mazı Village sign and go to this village and Palamutbükü Bay , on one-lane, partially unpaved, thin mountain roads . Alternatively, you can use the minibuses going from Datça center to Mazı Village.

You can get information about the best beaches to swim in Datça by browsing our article Best Beaches of Datça.

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