Dikili Places to Visit and Transportation Guide


Dikili, which is located 120 kilometers away from the city of Izmir, has been running to the aid of those who have been looking for peace for a long time but cannot find it. This place is a paradise with its unique atmosphere, beautiful flower varieties and natural beauties.

Dikili, which is eye-catching with its beauty, also heals bodies with its hot springs and healing waters.

It is possible to leave everything behind, even for a moment, by walking around the beach, which reveals all the beauty of the city from the evenings of Dikili.

Places to Visit in Dikili

Dikili, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in and around Izmir due to its close proximity to Izmir , comes to mind with its cultural riches and nature that gives people peace.

The district, which allows its guests to have fun with its festivals, is among the places visited by thousands of people every year.

Every breath you take in this garden, whose flowers are as beautiful as its name, has a different meaning.

You can see countless varieties here, from tropical plant varieties to plants grown in the Alps. The reputation of Atatürk Botanical Garden, which gives life to nearly 3000 flowers, has been heard by the world.

There is also a Herbarium Center in the garden. Various researches are carried out on the plant varieties dried in this center by examining them.

You can reach the Atatürk Botanical Garden, located in Bülent Ecevit Square, on foot from the center.

Atarneus Ancient City

The foundation of the ancient city of Atarnetus, which was the first city-state, dates back to 4000 BC.

The hot springs around the ancient city are the most important reason why this place was named Atarneus.

In order not to damage the ancient city, superficial excavations were carried out here. The ruins found reveal that the condition of the local people is quite good. However, the epidemic disease experienced at that time was the end of the city and the locals left the place quickly.

Many traces have disappeared in the ancient city of Atarneus, which could not resist the corrosive power of time.

You can prefer taxis to reach the ancient city of Atarneus, which is located approximately 4 km from the town center of Dikili.

Nebiler Village

There are beautiful villages to visit in İzmir, and Nebiler Village is one of the most striking with its nature.

As soon as you step into Nebiler Village, you can find yourself in a natural habitat. You will never want to leave this village, which fascinates those who see it with its waterfalls, caves and rivers.

The fact that the village is only a few kilometers from the center of Dikili makes it easy to reach here. It is possible to come to this place stolen from heaven in 5-10 minutes with your own vehicle. All you have to do is head towards Dikili – Ayvalık. After you see the Dikili Nebiler Village sign, you have to turn right and proceed for another 3 kilometers. At the end of these 3 kilometers, you can reach the Nebiler Waterfall by turning left and advancing for 800 meters.

Leaning on the lush trees and listening to the sounds of water in peace is the first activity to do when you come here. There is also a track that trekking enthusiasts will love. After a long walk, you can immerse yourself in the hot waters of the hot springs.

To see the Bademli Hot Spring, it is enough to come to the village that gave its name here. From the center of Dikili to Shht. You should go to Sami Akbulut Street and proceed in the southeast direction. Afterwards, you can reach Bademli Village by following the Bademli road street.

Located about 9 kilometers from the center of Dikili, this village has a magnificent view.

When you come to the village, you can turn your route to Kalem Island after visiting the Bademli Hot Spring.

Bademli Village, which hosts artifacts that have survived from the ancient period to the present, is also a protected area. Since there are no structures around, the hot springs that fascinate everyone will be an unforgettable part of your Dikili tour.

Candarli Castle

Located against the sea, Çandarlı Castle reveals a breathtaking view. This castle, which managed to survive as it was the first day despite its long years, is one of the most important historical structures of Dikili.

Located 19 kilometers from the center of Dikili, the Amazon of Çandar is famous for its female warriors.

If you want to come here directly from Izmir, you can choose the buses that depart from the terminal every hour. There are also city buses departing from the center of Dikili to Çandarlı. If you want to reach here in your own vehicle, Şht. You can go up Sami Akbulut Street and follow the Çandarlı road from there.

Pitane Ancient City

Another place you should definitely see when you come to Çandarlı is the ancient city of Pitane. This is one of the most popular places around Dikili.

The information about this place, which was home to people centuries ago with its name meaning plenty of water, is very limited. However, the ash molds, goblets, vases and other items found here are worth seeing.

You can find the other half of the artifacts excavated here in the Pergamon Museum.

How to go to Dikili?

Dikili should be your first choice if you want to spend your summer vacation secluded, in a peaceful environment where no one can disturb you.

Thanks to its unique atmosphere and natural beauties, there are many options for transportation to Dikili, which literally makes people breathe. If you are going to come here from the center of Izmir, your job is much easier because Dikili buses departing hourly from Izmir Bus Station take you to Dikili in approximately 2.5 hours. There are direct bus services from many cities of Turkey to Izmir. After reaching Izmir Bus Station  , it is possible to go to Dikili by city buses.

The transportation time will be much shorter for those who will set off from Izmir by their private vehicle. You can use airway and highway to reach Dikili from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya or other cities.

The distance between İzmir-Dikili is 120 km, Bursa-Dikili 290 km, Istanbul-Dikili 520 km and Ankara Dikili 680 km.

If you want to save time by using air transportation in the first part of your journey, the first thing you need to do is to buy a flight ticket to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport . After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car or choose the transfer vehicles located in front of the airport arrivals terminal.


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