Fethiye’s Hidden Paradise: Faralya


Some beauties love to hide, but they also have a habit of revealing the truth. This is how Faralya is a village that was discovered later but left its visitors in awe.

Even though the name has been changed to Uzunyurt, you will regret that you have not been to this place until now when you see what you can do both in summer and winter in this place, which is the Faralya of the hearts.

It’s time to introduce Faralya, a beauty that will make you taste heaven before you die. In case you pass by Faralya as you rush towards the spring before you can fully experience the winter:

Places to Visit in Faralya

Faralya , this beautiful village of Fethiye , offers a different experience in its four seafront regions.

Faralya, which is located at the top of our guide to places to visit in Fethiye , is incredibly attractive with its beautiful bays, hiking trails, valley and historical ruins.

You will always rest your back on solid rocks on the beaches of this village, which overlooks the foothills of Babadağ , and stretches out to Ölüdeniz . When you arrive at Kıdrak Bay , which is guarded by lush trees , you will have the opportunity to see Ölüdeniz from afar.

Kabak Bay , on the other hand, is addictive with its calm temperament as a getaway place for city people. Since the ancient Lycian Way and its cemetery are also a part of this village, you can find traces of civilizations that once lived here. Traces of many ancient civilizations such as Sdyma , Pyndai , Theimussa , Letoon , Apollonia , Simena , Myra , Gagae , Olympos will welcome you.

It is possible to climb the Babadağ ridge and see Aladere Waterfall , but it is worth remembering that the climb is quite difficult . If you go with a guide, you can reach the summit without an accident and eventually even enter the pond formed naturally.

You will come across beautiful butterflies, bees and meet rare animal and plant species in Aladere Waterfall and Butterfly Valley . Aktaş Bay is one of the must-see places.

Activities to Do in Faralya

You can swim or do water sports at Gemile Bay Beach , Butterfly Valley Bay , Kabak Bay and Aktaş Beach .

Beach volleyball is a very popular sport here.

You can explore different species in Butterfly Valley or go for a long nature walk on the Lycian Way .

You can enjoy waterfalls in the valley and attend diving schools.

If those who choose to stay here work voluntarily in the valley, they can both be at peace with the energy of the countryside and get strength from the soil. This will also make your stay cheaper. We strongly recommend that you attend the yoga and meditation classes held in the accommodation facilities. Purify your soul in this fresh air.

Those who want to do paragliding can prefer Babadağ .

You can also hike or fish in Saklıkent Canyon. Especially jeep safari is frequently preferred in this region. If you are interested in nature, you should definitely try it.

Join the boat tours organized on Ölüdeniz and take a tour of the coves along the coast.

Food and Drink in Faralya

In general, you can eat your meals in the hotels or pensions you stay in, but the restaurants around Ölüdeniz are also very nice.

Fethiye-specific ölemeç soup, English soup, egg pack, arapaş, Babadağ keskek, meat wrap, eggplant with meat and bulgur, strewing, bulgur with tomato, vegetable and herb dishes, basil pastry, rotisserie, red beet salad, veggie mucver, bulgur meatballs You can try delicacies such as celery salad or choose seafood specialties.

Local people are accustomed to visitors and there are many serving meals from their own homes.

You can also taste the ravioli dish that will cheer your palate.

You will also see those selling pancakes and orange juice on the road.

If you set up a camp, be sure to try picnicking with organic products.

Accommodation in Faralya

Faralya is a village that hosts accommodation facilities suitable for all tastes and budgets, and you can choose the one that suits you according to your budget.

Faralya has a very wide range from luxury hotels to hostels, from bungalows to camping areas. Moreover, they offer good food, sports activities, yoga and meditation classes during your stay.

If you stay in Faralya Yörük Evi, a very authentic holiday will be waiting for you.

Kidrak Motel also offers very clean and warm accommodation.

If you say “I am looking for a place where I can do yoga”, Nautical Hotel or Perdue Hotel would be a good choice.

Also , Keyif Motel is very insistent on making your Faralya holiday unforgettable.

Belce Kız Beach Club and Villa Mandarin in Ölüdeniz are also good choices.

For those who want to wake up to the view of Butterfly Valley every morning during the holiday, you can consider Pure Life Organic Villa hotel.

Although hotel prices vary from region to region, the average is 250-300 TL.

Those who want to set up camp can choose Mandala Camping in Kabak Bay or Butterfly Valley Camping in Butterfly Valley . You can also camp at George House . Since they also provide food service, the camp fees are 7 5 TL .

Shopping in Faralya

It is possible to buy anything organic from the village. You will load tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers into your car anyway, but don’t forget to buy honey and sage tea.

Since the people of the village make a living from agriculture and animal husbandry and produce daily consumption materials themselves, you can use your preference in this direction and buy delicious products such as homemade tomato paste, tarhana, honey, noodles.

Medicinal herbs, wines, candies, fruits and vegetables are always in the local markets.

You can buy souvenirs, leather products and jewelry from the bazaar in Fethiye. You can also choose local products such as hand-woven saddlebags, sacks, covers and rugs.

Fill the fish you want from the fish form and take it to your net.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Faralya

You can have fun at the Rock Bar located on the rocks in Butterfly Valley, and have a snack at the Snack Bar .

You can join the camping fun and beach parties in the bays or have fun at the beach clubs.

Hisarönü Bar Street is waiting for you in Fethiye for your night entertainment .

Transportation to Faralya

You can reach the village by using the minibuses going from Fethiye to Faralya . You can use transportation vehicles such as minibuses and taxis to go down to the bays.

If you are coming from outside of the city, you can choose one of Anadolu Jet’s scheduled flights to Dalaman Airport , or you can take a look at the bus services of companies such as Metro Turizm and Efetur arriving in Muğla or Fethiye.

You can take the shuttles from the airport to Fethiye and from there to Faralya by minibus.

If you are coming by boat, you can come to Ölüdeniz and go to Butterfly Valley .

We recommend that you be prepared for the roads of Faralya , where you can also come with your private vehicle .

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