Thermal Capital of Turkey: Afyon- Afyon Travel Guide


Afyonkarahisar, the savior of our aunts who say “ Oh, these are my feet ” , is known as Turkey’s thermal capital because it contains numerous thermal facilities .

For the aunt with sore feet, Afyon means a hot spring, of course, it means sausage for a hungry traveller.

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is very attractive because he says , ” Come, there is poppy here, there is a castle that smells of history, ” as you can understand from the local clue it has in its name .

If you think that beautiful Afyon is all that, you are very wrong. If you are ready, we are starting a trip that will take you far beyond Afyon, the famous sausage-smelling stop of bus trips:

Places to Visit in Afyon

Inspiring poets and writers, Karahisar Castle was built by the Hittite king II. It emerges as a precaution taken by Murshil against the cold winter conditions.

This military tactic of the king gives Afyon today the most important cultural and historical value of the region.

In addition to this, those who visit this place known as Afyon Castle, of course, eat the bread of its view.

Afyon’s 40-pillar Mosque, Ulu Mosque, and Kaaba Masjid are next door neighbors to the castle, as if signaling that those who see it will come to faith.

You will literally shudder when you see the ancient cities of Apameia , Dokimaia and Amorium , which have coins from the Roman Period , and the Sarıçayır Rock Cemeteries in İscehisar, which are thought to be from the Byzantine Period.

You will understand the value of Afyon once again when you visit the historical places of Afyon such as Döğer Ruins, Memeç Rock Church, Karacamal Cave, Gedik Ahmet Pasha Madrasa .

You can see the ordeal rooms and tombs in the Sultan Divani Mevlevi Lodge and let yourself be enchanted by the whirling dervish shows.

Archeology Museum, Great Assault Martyrdom, Atatürk Monument, Eber Lake and Acı Göl İscehisar Fairy Chimneys, Phrygian Valley, hot springs and those famous resting facilities you all know are among the must-see places.

Activities to Do in Afyon

If you go to Afyon, which is considered the Thermal Capital, and do not go to the hot springs and hot springs, it will only be a hobby to say that you have visited Afyon.

So, for example, go to Gazlı Lake, which is the protagonist of the reputation of the hot springs, by healing the daughter of the Phrygian King Midas, which will relax your muscles, which are processed by the stress and fatigue of daily life, and enjoy these healing waters, which are mineral springs.

This lake, which has a temperature of about 64 degrees, contains minerals as well as ions and various gases.

You can drink from the water of the lake, which is beneficial even to breathe its air, or you can swim in it.

You can benefit from services such as thermal SPA, skin care, salt therapy and fitness at the facilities near Gazlı Lake or in the city.

In addition to unhealthy but delicious activities such as eating sausage at facilities such as İkbal and Cumhuriyet , include such healthy and healing activities so that your trip will gain meaning. You can go to the baths or take mud baths in the hot springs.

You can take riding lessons, ride horses or play paintball at the Horse Sports Club

Food and Drink in Afyon

If you come across the month of Ashura in Afyon, eat ashura at Sultan Divani Mevlevihanesi , and if you prefer Gazlı Lake, you should definitely drink mineral water .

If you have room for breakfast, sausage, jams from villages, cheese, honey and cream, after you try flavors such as pacik, çullama, zürbiye, open-mouthed, ilibada wrap, Göce meatballs, keskek, half-baked, Uzbek pilaf, a wedding poppy dessert, Afyon. Eat cream dessert, twist, rebit or poppy pita.

We recommend you to taste the famous Afyon delights. We told you to eat sausage at the facilities, in fact, eat sausage wherever you see it.

Accommodation in Afyon

We can say that the thermal facilities near Gazlı Göl are the most beautiful places in Afyon, which can meet the accommodation needs of those who say “I don’t have a lot of travel, I came to rest” . In general, Afyon Hotels in the city, which are more affordable than the facilities, can be preferred as you will have to sacrifice 300-400 liras for the nightly accommodation in these thermal facilities spread over the city.

Those who do not expect much can rent a room for 100 liras, while those looking for a little more quality can rent luxury rooms for 150-250 liras.

If you are going with a large crowd, apartments that offer special offers or make payment easier may be more suitable for you. You can also stay by pitching a tent in areas such as the Commander-in-Chief Historical National Park , Akdağ Nature Park , Dandindere Nature Reserve . If you are traveling by caravan, you can use the areas of some hotels and facilities.

Shopping in Afyon

You can buy local flavors such as sour, poppy, stinging nettle, hibiscus, and Güneyik for your loved ones and yourself, which you can buy from the neighborhood markets.

You can take the postcards of what you have seen and what you can carry, such as sausage, Turkish delight and cream cheese, to those who say, “Let what you eat and drink and tell about what you see” and surprise them in an instant.

There are those who take away meat because it is cheaper, and those who take eggs, milk and cheese because it is more natural. Of course, you can also choose the local pastries or cream sugar.

Since Afyon is famous for its marble, the visitors who come here have very nice souvenirs such as flower pots, lampshades, cups, chess sets made of marble.

It is also possible to find woven products with local motifs in these souvenir shops.

You can also get what you need during your trip from popular shopping centers such as Park Afyon, Özdilek and Afium .

Entertainment and Nightlife in Afyon

The annual Thermal Tourism Festival , Carpet-Kilim Culture and Art Festival, the Commemoration of Hamza Sheikh Dede Festival, the International Victory Festival, the Bolvadin Traditional Cream Festival , the Pea, Cherry and Cherry Festivals; You can get to know Afyon in all its aspects by going to festivals such as Marsyas Music and Art Festival and Kite Festival and Blackadilli Traditional Oil Wrestling.

You can also catch concerts held from time to time. While the importance of clubs and bars has increased in recent years, there are still those who limit their understanding of entertainment to eating at restaurants. You can also participate in fun activities such as cinema and bowling in shopping malls.

Transportation to Afyon

After reaching the city by choosing the bus companies , you can go to various parts of the city by using one of the 14 lines that provide urban transportation or by using the minibus. It is possible to provide night transportation from the bus station to the city by buses.

Those who come with their personal vehicles will not have any problems in urban transportation. If you want a comfortable tour, you can rent a car that you can use during your visit.

Since there is no civil airport here, there is also a train that can be given as an alternative to the bus in intercity transportation. Since Afyonkarahisar Train Station is very busy, you will not have any trouble in this regard and you will breathe a nostalgic atmosphere.

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