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A car is a must for you to discover the beauties of Marmaris, but you can still go to many places by public transport. Among the places to visit in the center of Marmaris, Kaleici is the place where you should visit every corner of it. Its labyrinth-like streets are very enjoyable.

Günnücek (Marmaris National Park), Yalancı Boğaz and Cennet Island are a nice route where you can spend a day comfortably. It is wonderful to get away from the summer heat and spend time in the forest.

Spend a day in Marmaris for a boat tour to the magnificent bays. Even though noisy music disturbs people, I don’t find it strange because entertainment comes to mind when Marmaris is mentioned. You swim in beautiful coves and crystal clear seas. Set aside a day for the Sedir Island boat tour.

Marmaris Public Beach and Icmeler Beach are places where you can spend the day by the sea without leaving the city center. The atmosphere of Icmeler after sunset is much more beautiful. When I first went to Icmeler in 1995, I felt like I was in a European town.

1. Marmaris Kaleici

Marmaris Castle is one of the places to visit in Marmaris with its seafront location and magnificent view. The story of the castle, which is the most important historical structure of the center of Marmaris, dates back to 1044 BC and the Ionian period. The current visible part of the building, which was renovated and expanded during the reigns of Alexander the Great and Suleiman the Magnificent, is from the Ottoman period.

Although it was heavily damaged by the French navy in World War I, it owes its survival to the restoration after the eighties. Two of the closed spaces of the castle are arranged as archeology museums.

The castle, which was inhabited by the people of Marmaris and hosted many residences until the 1970s, was restored in the 1980-1990 period and brought to tourism together with the Marmaris Archeology Museum, which was established in 1991. Do not leave the castle without photographing the magnificent view of Marmaris.

Marmaris Archeology Museum has been hosting its guests in Marmaris Castle since 1991. Two of the seven closed areas of the museum are the Archeology Hall and one is the Ethnography Hall; The remaining parts of the area are also used as Art Gallery.

In the museum , oil lamps, bottles, various vessels and glass artifacts, arrowheads, coins and ornaments made of terracotta, belonging to the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine periods and excavated in the Knidos , Hisarönü and Burgaz regions; In the ethnography section, weaving works, rugs, furniture, copper kitchenware, weapons and ornaments belonging to the Ottoman period are exhibited.

Marmaris Archeology Museum visiting hours are 08.30-12.00, 13.00-17.30. The museum is closed to visitors on Mondays. Marmaris Archeology Museum entrance fee is 50TL. The castle and the museum can be entered with a single ticket. Museum Card is valid.

Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai , another important Ottoman structure in the city. It was built in 1545 for Valide Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent. The 7 small and one large rooms of the caravanserai covered with arches, used as an accommodation point during the Rhodes campaign, now host souvenir shops and entertainment venues and bars of Marmaris. The Historical Bedesten in the bazaar is also a shopping center as it used to be.

2. Icmeler

Icmeler is a holiday resort located 8 km from Marmaris. The place, which takes its name from the healing drinking water sources, is also a huge holiday village with the most accommodation facilities in Marmaris. The hotels, which serve especially British tourists and most of them work with early reservation, run parallel to the long beach.

The shops that stretch on both sides of the creek in the town are lively. When you wander the streets, you feel yourself in a European town. If you want a calm and peaceful holiday that prevents you from getting bored even on the hottest days with its cool wind, choose your hotel here. There are many bars and cafes where you can have fun at night.

3. Günnücek – Marmaris National Park

Günnücek , or as it is commonly known, Marmaris National Park is located 2 km from Marmaris and has forest areas that are rarely seen in the world. It is a place where you can both have a picnic and swim in the sea. The road that extends behind Marmaris Netsel Marina first goes to Günnücek and then to the Yalancı Boğaz and Cennet Island.

Transportation from Marmaris city center is easy. It is on the right after the Adventure Park. Marmaris National Park is famous for its red pine forests and sweetgum trees in areas where water is plentiful . The national park, which was declared a national park in 1996 and covers an area of ​​29,206 hectares, also hosts animals such as wild goats, wild boars, marten, rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs.

You can have a picnic under the sounds of birds and insects, swim in the sea on the Mediterranean coast and camp. You can come across a turtle or squirrel at any time while walking on the wooden paths that extend into the forest. Visiting hours are 07.00-20.30. It is open to visitors 7 days a week. Marmaris National Park entrance fee is 8TL, student 4TL, bicycle 8TL, motorcycle 12TL, car 24TL. The Museum Card is not valid.

4. Paradise Island

Cennet Island is a peninsula whose real name is Nimara and is covered with forests, connected to the mainland by a narrow strait called the False Strait. Based on the story that on a stormy night, a ship running aground on the narrow road between Güllücek and Cennet Island, mistaking it for the Bosphorus, it was called the “Liar Strait” among the locals.

From the center of Marmaris, it is possible to reach the False Bosphorus by minibus. Marmaris Yacht Marina is located on the Marmaras side of the Bosphorus. You can pass to Cennet Island, which is quite rocky, by walking through the False Bosphorus. The footpaths on the island stretch along the beautiful landscapes. One of the paths leads to Nimara Cave, which is interesting with its stalactites and stalagmites.

The island of Badr lies right in front of the Paradise Island. Both Cennet Island and Bedir Island are among the frequent destinations of Marmaris boat tours. A paradise where the deep blue sea and the wonderful nature meet. There are cafes around the pier, which is a frequent destination for boats departing from Marmaris.

5. Orange

Turunc is a charming town of Marmaris, located 21 km from Marmaris and famous for its clean beach and clear sea. Unfortunately, the town part of such a place, which has a mountain on one side, the sea in front and a beautiful bay, is unfortunately not very eye-catching. Although Akyaka has the potential of Alaçatı, its bazaar is still a mess.

The beach area and the places are likewise, but I still like Turunç very much. The part of the coastline that is closed to motor vehicle traffic is getting more beautiful every year. Add Turunc to your list of places to visit in Marmaris, even for a one-day tour. In fact, it has the potential to be a holiday route for a few days on its own. The best season is autumn.

Turunc Beach, where cafes and restaurants are located along the coast, is a blue flag beach. The sea is clear, you can see the bottom of the water, the beach is clean. In recent years I have started to see excessive contamination due to overcrowded visitors. The rocky areas of the coast and underwater caves are the choice of those who love to dive.

The most extreme points of the beach are reserved as public beaches, but this beach section is very limited. The rest were taken to hotels. There are many activities and places to visit in Turunç, which is a nice choice for those who want a much quieter holiday in a beautiful bay at the foot of the green mountains.

One of the most beautiful beaches of Turunc is Amos Bay , which also includes the ancient city of Amos . You will rarely see a beach with such clear water in your life. The cove sea, whose coast is stony, deepens after 5-6 meters.

The beach, sea and water are enormous, but as in many of our resorts, the business is incredibly expensive. Unfortunately, you cannot receive a service for the fee paid. There is a minibus from Turunc to Amos in summer.

Let the 2,200-year-old Amos Ancient City , the capital of the Carian civilization, be on your list of places to visit. You can see ruins such as the Amos theater and temple on the hill, which you can easily climb on a path. Amos, which means ‘temple of the mother goddess’ in Hellenistic language, has a magnificent view of Amos bay.

You can go by car or you can go with Marmaris boat tours. You can easily reach the center of Marmaris or the town of Icmeler by public transport or by boat from the sea. I love the Marmaris-Turunç road, it is a very scenic road.

6. Kumlubuk Bay

Kumlubuk Bay is another Marmaris bay that can easily be reached by boats departing from Marmaris. Kumlubuk Bay, which is 24 km away from Marmaris town center, is a magnificent bay where blue and green meet. Kumlubuk, which is 26 km from Marmaris centre, can be reached by a very winding road.

As the fame of Kumlubuk, where those fleeing from the crowds of Marmaris took shelter, increased, it started to get crowded. The bay, which has a magnificent sea, gets very crowded especially on weekends. It’s still a long bay that leaves enough room to give everyone comfort. Kumlubuk has a stony beach, the sea deepens after a few meters. Its water is clear and it is a great address for diving pleasure.

Jet-ski, banana and herring activities are available at the water sports centers. If you don’t have a car, there is only a minibus from Turunc to Kumlubuk in the summer months. You can go to Turunc from Marmaris by boat or minibus, and from there you can go to this magnificent bay.

Amos Ancient City is located in the northwest of Kumlubuk Bay. You can go from Amos Bay as well as from Kumlubuk. Amos, which consists of theatre, temples and statues, is surrounded by walls dating from the same period. The Amos Theater, which is the second of the three theaters on the opposite side of Rhodes, can be seen with well-preserved seating, the side wall and the three rooms of the stage house.

There are regular organizations of walking groups from Turunc or Kumlubuk to the ancient city of Amos. The ancient city can be reached in 1 hour on foot from Turunc and in 30 minutes from Kumlubuk. Amos Ancient City can be visited free of charge without any time limit.

7. Cedar Island

Sedir Island is an island 16 km away from Marmaris town centre, famous for the ancient Carian civilization settlement Kedrai City and the famous Cleopatra beach. Also known as Cleopatra Island, the island is famous for its golden sandy beach and turquoise sea. If you have a car, you go to the Çamlı Village pier, which is 40 minutes away from the center of Marmaris.

Çamlı Village is located 6 km inland from the road that turns left from the 12th km of the Marmaris-Akyaka road. You can go to the island from Çamlık Pier by paying 40 TL per person round trip. I recommend you to go with daily tours organized from Marmaris. Boat tours are also organized from Akyaka to the island.

Although the story circulates among the people that the sands of the Cleopatra beach were brought here by ships from North Africa for Cleopatra by the Roman commander Antonius, the sands of the island are composed of specially shaped limestone particles. The ruins of the ancient city of Kedrai, located at the western end of the protected island, belong to the Roman period.

You can see the historical tower and city walls, temple and church ruins, theater and agora. Slippers are a must while walking on the beach, and there is also the obligation to take a shower. Sunbeds are free, umbrellas are 20 TL, and when there is no space, you can rent a mattress for 20 TL to lie down. You can only get water and ice cream at the buffet, no food.

Sedir Island visiting hours are 08.30-19.30 in the summer period (1 March – 1 November), 08.30-17.00 in the winter period (1 November – 1 March). The box office closes at 19.00 in the summer period and at 16.30 in the winter period. Sedir Island is open to visitors 7 days a week. Sedir Island entrance fee is 125TL. Museum Card is valid.

Incekum Beach is a beautiful cove that you can visit 1.5 km west of Çamlı Pier. If you are not going to Sedir Island, which should be on your list of places to visit in Marmaris, you can enjoy the sea here.

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