Marmaris Attractions


Marmaris is one of the 13 districts of Muğla , which stands out with its legendary natural and historical beauties. Located at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions and hosting hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, Marmaris is a paradise destination with its natural harbor, coastline decorated with palm trees and architecture.

You can explore beautiful coves with boats in Marmaris, which is a charming holiday destination that can meet all your expectations in the name of nature, sports, entertainment, peace, sea, sun, sand, history, culture, lively and lively nightlife and delicious local cuisine. There are many places to visit and see in and around Marmaris with its villages, ancient cities, picnic areas, national parks and magnificent nature.

Marmaris is a distinguished place in the magical world of the Aegean . It is among the most beautiful corners of our country with its deep blue sea, historical regions bearing the deep traces of the past, and magnificent beaches. It is also one of the leading holiday destinations in summer, with its harbor and coastline smiling under the shade of palm trees.

Marmaris is one of the best holiday destinations where you can enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio. You should sunbathe and sunbathe and throw yourself from the hot sands into the cool waters of the Aegean from time to time. Beaches from Marmaris were among the ‘Top 10 beaches in Turkey’ determined by the British newspaper The Guardian, so go and explore.

There are hundreds of exquisite coves and beaches on the shores of Marmaris, which separates the Mediterranean and the Aegean with its thin, long peninsula. Marmaris bays, most of which can be easily reached by sea and land, are dazzling with their clear waters where green and blue mingle, and clean beaches.

Turunç, Selimiye, Bozburun, Bördübet, which are affiliated to Marmaris, have already turned into a brand holiday route, each of which competes with Marmaris. There is no one who does not know about Sedir Island, İçmeler and Kumlubük.

Of course, it is not only the nature and the beauty of the sea that attract people from all over the world to Marmaris. Traces of many civilizations that have taken these coasts as home are scattered all over the geography. In Marmaris, we can see the ruins of many large and small ancient port cities, which sheltered the old trade ships sailing to the safe waters of the Mediterranean.

Erine, which can be reached through a forest area of ​​3 km from Hisarönü, Castabus located on the slopes of Söğüt, Bybassios near Orhaniye, Carian city Phoinix, Marmaris Castle built by the Ionians, Physkos, Loryma and Amos ancient cities are some of them. Archaeological remains from the 4th century BC are exhibited in the Iyilik Rocks Archaeological Park.

There are many activities that you can add color to your holiday in Marmaris. You can participate in water sports activities such as parasailing, jet ski, flyboard, sailing, banana and canoe. In addition, alternative activities such as jeep safari, trekking and cycling are also offered. If you wish, you can dive and discover the deep hidden treasures of the Aegean.

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