Bodrum Castle Travel Guide


Bodrum Castle is located in Bodrum , the holiday paradise of Muğla , one of the most important tourism cities of our country . In our article, we provide you with detailed information about the castle, its history, what is there and what to see, where and detailed transportation information.

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Information About Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is surrounded by sea on 3 sides. The reason for this is that it was built on the peninsula and between two ports. The stones of the Mausoleion, which attracts everyone’s attention and attracts great attention, were used in the construction of the castle.

Bodrum Castle was built by the Knights of Saint Jean and these knights left here after the Turks took Rhodes Island . Bodrum Castle has been used as a prison since 1895 . However, during the First World War, half of it was destroyed and abandoned as a result of the bombings by the French and the British.

After the walls of the castle are overcome, it is necessary to pass through 7 gates in total to reach the inner castle. Each of these gates has ancient coats of arms. On the coats of arms, there are many figures expressing that period . There are 14 cisterns in total in the inner castle . The water ditch between the double walls, the control tower, the 2nd Mahmut Tugra and the suspension bridge are some of the eye-catching details of the castle.

Bodrum Castle has opened its doors to its visitors as Underwater Archeology Museum today. Many masterpieces from the past, which were unearthed under the water, are exhibited in this museum. Thousands of people visit this wonderful museum every year and have a unique experience.

What’s in Bodrum Castle? What to See

Uluburun Shipwreck , known as the oldest shipwreck in the world, is on display in Bodrum Castle. The ship is 15 meters long and 5 meters wide. The ship capsized just a short distance from the port and was found 60 meters from the port.

The place of departure of the ship is thought to be Egypt. The reason for this is that the seal and statue of Nefertiti are on the ship .

There are more than 150 glass ingots inside the ship. In addition, hippopotamus tusks, vases, elephant tusks, turtles and ostrich eggs were also found in the ship.

In addition to all these, golden goblets, jewelry made of gold, gold tiles, pots and seeds are among the burials found on the ship. In addition to Uluburun Shipwreck, there are 6 different shipwrecks in the museum.

Bodrum Castle Entrance Fee

Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology Museum entrance fee is 90 TL . The Museum Card is valid and you can enter it free of charge once a year.

Visiting hours

Castle visiting hours are 08:30 in the morning and closing time at 17:30 in the evening . The toll booths close at 17:00. For detailed information, you can get information from the number 0252 316 25 16 .

Where is Bodrum Castle?

The castle, which is located in Bodrum district of Muğla province and is located on the peninsula, is very easy to reach.

How to go?

You can reach here from every point of Bodrum. People who come from outside Bodrum and have their own vehicle can easily reach here. Apart from this, many people prefer bus travel. Bus travel time varies depending on the city. Apart from that, it is possible to reach here by plane travel.

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