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Safranbolu is a museum city in the Western Black Sea Region, connected to Karabük, with its unchanging face for years. For this reason, it is always referred to as ‘the city where time stands still’. It is one of the places where Ottoman architecture is best preserved. It is one of our most beautiful towns, where geography integrates with people, architecture is shaped by the way of life, and wooden architecture, which can be considered a masterpiece of art.

When we think of Safranbolu, the first thing that comes to mind is impressive houses with original architecture, but Safranbolu reveals much more than houses. Safranbolu is one of the favorite cities of our country in terms of tourism with its historical values, urban culture, lifestyle, traditions and customs, local flavors and natural beauties.

Safranbolu Travel Guide

Safranbolu, which entered the UNESCO world cultural heritage list in 1994, and the lands of Safranbolu, located in a region called Paphlagonia in the Roman Empire, have hosted countless civilizations throughout history.

In the historical past of the city, it reached its highest economic and cultural level during the Ottoman period. Due to its location on the Istanbul-Sinop Highway in the 17th century, it showed great development. It has become a settlement with more than a thousand mansions, where large caravans stayed.

With the opening of the country’s largest iron and steel factory in the newly established city of Karabük after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Republic, almost everyone involved in agriculture and trade started to work in this business. Safranbolu’s old bright days are slowly over.

A documentary was enough to change the fate of the city, which was abandoned to its fate and gradually began to lose its magnificent values. After the 1976 film ‘Time in Safranbolu’ directed by Süha Arın, one of the most important names in Turkish documentary history, Safranbolu almost came back to life.

Safranbolu is a city that has earned its real fame with its cultural heritage and architecture. Not only its mansions, but the city itself is full of examples of very successful urban architecture. Every street is worth visiting.

Apart from a daily visit, spend a weekend or a short summer vacation in this charming town.

Safranbolu Places to Visit

The glamorous Safranbolu houses are grouped in the ‘city’, known as the winter, and the summer, known as the ‘vineyards’. Most of the places to visit Safranbolu are located in this region. However, the terrain is rough and steep. Its stone-paved roads are the kind that will upset those who intend to walk around in high heels.

Another way to explore Safranbolu’s cobbled streets is by bike. You can pedal into the historical texture with the bikes you can rent at many points. You can also visit the historical places in the center of Safranbolu with the golf carts departing from the square. Guide service is also provided on this tour.

Yörük village, 20 kilometers from Safranbolu, is famous for its old houses. You should definitely see Odabaşı House, which is known as Safranbolu’s oldest house and has been standing for 450 years. Stop at Hıdırlık Hill on the road to the village and watch Safranbolu from the hill.

Safranbolu Yemeniciler Bazaar, known as Arasta Bazaar, is one of the places you should visit by paying attention to every street. In the historical bazaar, there used to be the shops of the Yemeni masters, but only Erhan Usta’s shop remained. You can stop by and get a Yemeni.

Don’t be limited to just the bazaar center. Historical mansions and summer houses are lined up in the Bağlar region, located in the high-altitude northwest of Safranbolu. In Safranbolu, which has a wonderful nature, take a walk in the Şeker Canyon and Yenice Forests and meet with a completely different face of Safranbolu.

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