Trabzon Attractions


Trabzon , one of the first cities that come to mind when the Black Sea is mentioned , is one of the greenest travel routes of our country with its clean air, plateaus, hot springs, world-famous Ayder Honey, the number one rafting enthusiasts Fırtına Creek, the Sumela Monastery, which is a very important structure for Christians, and the beautiful Uzungol.

Located in the east of the Black Sea Region, between the Black Sea coast and the Zigana Mountains, the city is the second largest city in the region after Samsun with its lush nature, unique architectural structures reflecting its rich historical past, and peaceful mountain villages. If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the village atmosphere this summer, turn your route to Trabzon.

Trabzon, one of the greenest cities in Turkey, is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, between the Black Sea coast and the Zigana Mountains . Neighboring Giresun in the west, Gümüşhane in the south and Rize in the east, Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea.

Since its geographical location increases its strategic importance, it has been one of the places that many different states wanted to have throughout history. In Trabzon, which has hosted countless civilizations, it is possible to see the traces of this rich historical and cultural past all over the city, especially in the city center.

Trabzon, which was the capital of the Greek Empire in the Middle Ages, is located in Ortahisar , the central district of the city, with many magnificent historical places . Ortahisar is the same to Trabzon as Sultanahmet is to Istanbul. There are many places to visit in this region, from historical mansions to mosques, churches, bridges and parks.

Historical Zagnos Pasa Bridge, Kanuni House, historical mansions, Büyük Fatih Mosque, formerly known as Altınbaşlı Meryem Church, and Gülbahar Hatun mausoleum in the area hidden within the historical walls are the places you should see.

Trabzon Castle, Sümela Monastery, Girls Monastery, Hızır İlyas Monastery, Hagia Anna (Küçük Ayvasil) are other important places you should add to your list of places to visit in Trabzon.

Trabzon, one of the regions where green and blue are most abundant, fascinates people with its natural beauties. When you go to Trabzon, your first stop should be Uzungöl, which is legendary with its clean air, clear water and impressive view. Apart from this, Çakırgöl, Sera Lake and Haldizen Lake are also worth seeing.

Değirmendere, Yanbolu, Karadere, Koha, Sürmene, Baltacı Stream, Kalapotama Stream, Maçka Stream and Galyan Streams are among the natural beauties of the city. As you can see, there is a lot of beauty in Trabzon.

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