7 Places You Should See in Safranbolu


1. Safranbolu Houses

Safranbolu houses are the first thing that comes to life in the minds of many people who visit the district. In Safranbolu, its history is 18-20. There are more than 2,000 traditional houses, each of which is the product of a fine artistic taste, dating back to the 19th century. There are nearly 2,000 beautiful houses with elegant overhangs supported by buttresses.

The houses, which have not blocked each other by adapting to the roughness of the land, resist the wearing effect of time and change. About 800 of them were taken under protection. Take a closer look at these unique masterpieces lined up like pearls on two slopes facing each other, without blocking each other’s view and sun.

Pages are not enough to describe the details inside the houses, the woodwork on the ceilings, the pencil works on the walls and the types of cabinets. Some houses even have lounges with pools. District Governors, Kilerciler, Mümtazlar, Karaüzümler, Kavsalar and Sipahioğlu mansions located in the center are among the most beautiful examples of Safranbolu house architecture.

Don’t just stay in the center of the city, go out and wander through the interesting streets of Safranbolu houses with buttresses and bay windows. If you don’t like walking, join the tours made by privately owned golf carts and listen to the stories of mansions, streets, fountains and Safranbolu’s soul.

2. Cinci Inn and Bath

Cinci Han has stories that deserve a documentary on its own, which I stayed in during my Safranbolu trip. Safranbolu’s most valuable structure. Located inside the old bazaar, the caravanserai was one of the largest and most magnificent caravanserais of the time. With its 300-meter underground tunnel, it is located on a large canyon where the city’s wastewater and sewers are disciplined. A creek bed passes under it.

Cinci Hoca, known as Hüseyin Efendi, is a mysterious figure who held important positions in the palace during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim I. It helped Kösem Sultan’s son İbrahim, who is suspected of being crazy and homosexual, both in his recovery and in having a prince.

Hüseyin Hodja, who healed the Sultan, began to be known as Cinci Hodja. The financial support required for the construction of this inn was provided to Cinci Hodja by Kösem Sultan. Finally, Cinci Hodja, who was promoted to the Anatolian Kazasker, fell out of favor after a while and was eventually executed.

Today, Cinci Han serves as a hotel, cafe and event center. See the 3 tons of entrance door, lock and key. It is a place where you can taste various flavors of Turkish cuisine and local dishes. I stayed here on one of my Safranbolu trips. Climb to the top floor and watch Safranbolu closely. Click for reservation .

3. Safranbolu City History Museum

Safranbolu City History Museum was opened in 2006 in the building that was used as a government house in the past. All kinds of historical information, documents and items about Safranbolu are exhibited in the museum, which is located on the hill called the castle. On the ground floor of the museum, where the stages of Safranbolu until today can be followed chronologically, there are presentations on Safranbolu commercial life and traditional handicrafts.

The old working environments of crafts in Safranbolu such as the Pharmacy Museum, the Turkish Delight Museum, the blacksmith, shoemaker, saddlebag, spice, tinsmith, coppersmith and artisan coffee shop are presented to the guests with original animations.

In the garden of the government house, there is the first clock tower of Anatolia. Built in 1797, the 12-meter-high tower’s clock was brought from England.

4. District Governors Travel House

District Governors Travel House is one of the most beautiful and historical houses in Safranbolu, which was taken under protection as an ‘Urban Site’ by the Ministry of Culture in 1976. Safranbolu Kaymakamlar Gezi Evi, which has wooden architecture that can be considered a masterpiece of art, is an exemplary house where geography is integrated with people and architecture is shaped by lifestyle.

Kaymakamlar Gezi Evi is a must-see building with its 7 rooms spread over 3 floors and its garden. Every corner of the mansion is a work of fine woodwork. Doors, window sills and covers, ceilings, almost everything except walls are made of wood.

The house, which was designed according to the practice of harem and selamlık, allowed women to move very comfortably. From the sofa, the interior of the rooms is not directly visible. The treats to the guest are conveyed through an interesting and clever Ferris wheel. Add it to your list of places to visit.

5. Hidirlik Hill

Hıdırlık Hill , if you like to see and photograph cities from above like me; Let it be the address you will stop at when you first enter the town or after you finish the places to visit in Safranbolu. Hıdırlık Hill is located on the hill at the entrance of the city if you come to Safranbolu from Kastamonu. This is a place where you can take the most beautiful Safranbolu photos.

While sipping your tea or coffee on the one hand, see the city as a panoramic and take your best photos on the other hand. You can watch the whole town from a bird’s eye view without any obstacles in front of you.

6. Yörük Village

Safranbolu Yörük Village is actually a small Safranbolu located near the Karabük-Safranbolu road. It is a place to be seen with its historical houses, mansions and history and culture, many of which are on the verge of demolition, along the streets.

Although Yörük Village, 20 km away from the center of Safranbolu and looking like an open-air museum, was taken under protection in 1996, the houses succumb to the wear and tear of time. Go to Sipahioğlu Mansion, where the same family has lived for 8 generations, with a 300-year history in the village, which dates back to the 15th century. Listen to the stories of Aunt Filiz. Drink your tea and eat pancakes at Yörük Sofrasi.

7. Crystal Terrace

Crystal Terrace was built at a height of 80 meters from the ground, where the Tokatlı Canyon can be best viewed. Crystal Terrace represents a first in Turkey. The Crystal Terrace, whose base is made of very durable unbreakable glass and can carry a weight of 75 tons, excites those who walk on it.

You find yourself in an exciting experience, as it is built right on the cliff and you can see how high the place you step on is. You can take exquisite photos of the Tokatlı canyon from the 11 meter wide Kristal Terrace in Safranbolu İncekaya.

How to get to Safranbolu

Safranbolu is one of the most beautiful cities in Anatolia. Safranbolu is 220 km from Ankara, 380 km from Istanbul and 763 km from Izmir. Transportation is quite easy. The 82-kilometer road to Karabük, leaving the Gerede junction on the Istanbul-Ankara highway, continues from here and reaches Safranbolu after 8 kilometers.

Ankara-Safranbolu bus journey takes 3 hours and costs 50 TL. Metro Turizm and Efe Tur have regular flights. I passed from Ankara by bus. Those who will go by air can fly to Ankara or Kastamonu. Kastamonu-Safranbolu takes less than 2 hours by bus. How to get to Safranbolu I have included more detailed transportation information in my blog post.

I can add another 20 items to the list of places to visit in Safranbolu . For now, go and see these places, I’m sure you will want to go again. Go to this rare place in Anatolia, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and see the rare harmony of human hand and nature in Safranbolu.

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