Kovada Lake National Park


Kovada Lake National Park is located between Eğirdir and Sütçüler districts of Isparta . The national park, which has been under protection since 1970 and established on an area of ​​6 thousand 534 hectares, is among the natural wonders of the Mediterranean Region with its magnificently colored vegetation and wetlands that enliven nature.

The seven-meter-deep Kovada Lake, which gives its name to the region, and the national park, which is famous for its rich fauna, as well as the ancient cities and ruins of archaeological importance, is one of the most visited places in spring and summer.

Kovada Lake National Park, Isparta

Kovada Lake National Park is located 29 km south of Eğirdir district of Isparta, between Eğirdir and Sütçüler districts. The national park region, which was declared and taken under protection in 1970 around Lake Kovada, which is a very shallow lake, is one of the places preferred by the people of the region to take a rest, with its unique flora richness and diversity of wildlife, as well as social facilities.

The circumference of Lake Kovada is 20.6 km, its height is 900 meters above sea level, and its depth reaches 6-7 meters. Activities such as nature research, camping, hiking, watching the scenery, bird watching and climbing are carried out around the 6 thousand 534 hectare national park.

National park, maple pine, mirtus, red pine, oak (stemless, haired, pine, kermes, hoop) species, juniper, plane tree, larch, cedar, taurus fir, chinchilla, pine tree, laurel, rosary bush, gorse, barberry, labdanum, painter It is dazzling with its rich nature and vegetation, where trees and shrubs such as sumac and nuts grow.

Kovada Lake National Park is home to aquatic and land animals such as wild goat, marten, wild boar, badger, rabbit, fox, tree squirrel, common lizard, turtle, snake, scaly carp, velvet, pike perch, crucian fish, and crayfish. There are 153 species of waterfowl, including 59 native, 26 winter migrant, 48 summer migrant, and 20 transit migrant.

The national park, where arrangements such as wooden pier, view tower, visitor promotion center, parking lot, toilet, picnic table, benches, playgrounds, walking path are made, is a suitable route for solo travelers and backpackers as well as families with children and groups of friends.

Visitor Information Center and Nature Museum

Kovada Lake National Park Visitor Information Center and Nature Museum is a must stop before you start exploring the national park. In the center where you can get information about Lake Kovada, the geographical structure around the lake, fauna and wild animal diversity, the filled forms of dead animals found within the borders of the national park are also exhibited. There is also a cafe in the garden of the center.

Egirdir-Kovada Lake National Park cycling track

Egirdir-Kovada Lake National Park cycling track is one of the longest and uninterrupted cycling tracks in Turkey. The bike track, whose starting point is in front of Eğirdir Bus Station, ends at Kovada Lake National Park. Since the first 4 km of the road, which is completely asphalt, is the Eğirdir-Konya Highway, cyclists should be careful in this part of the road.

The section after the first 4 km of the track, on the other hand, consists of the part that reaches directly to the Kovada Lake National Park, where there is almost no ups and downs, and cycling is easy and enjoyable. The view of the apple orchards stretching left and right along the track is magnificent. After going 23 km in this section, the Kovada Lake National Park junction is reached. The section that makes up the last 3 km of the track reaches the entrance of the national park.

Kovada Lake National Park hiking trail

Kovada Lake National Park hiking trail is a pleasant walking path covering the lake and its surroundings, reaching a total of 3 km. The path starting in front of the promotion center reaches a small pier. This pier is known as the spot where the most beautiful photo frames of the lake are captured.

In the first 1.5 km of the walking track, which passes by a second pier on the lake shore, the peninsula is circumnavigated. At the highest point of the peninsula, there is a watchtower where magnificent lake photos can be taken. After 900 meters further from the watchtower, you return to the introduction center, that is, to the starting point.

Kovada National Park entrance fee and visit information

How to get to Kovada National Park

Kovada Lake National Park is located 30 km from Eğirdir district of Isparta, 84 km from Isparta and 180 km from Antalya. The closest airport to Kovada Lake National Park is Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport, which is 98 km away. Turkish Airlines has regular flights from Istanbul Airport to this airport.

It is possible to go to the national park from Eğirdir by minibus and busses that carry passengers from Isparta to Eğirdir district. There are also bus services from many cities of Turkey to Isparta and Eğirdir. Visitors who will travel to the region with their private vehicles can leave the Eğirdir-Antalya highway at Kınalı Tepe and follow the road that continues to Sütçüler.

Kovada Lake National Park is a breathing center that brings green and blue together in the Lakes Region, giving life to the region with its rich wildlife as well as its natural beauties. The national park, with its magnificent views, is a great option to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and meet nature.

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