Beydaglari Coastal National Park


Beydağları Coastal National Park is located within the borders of Kemer and Kumluca districts of Antalya with its impressive atmosphere blending nature and historical texture . The region, which is one of the most impressive places of the Mediterranean basin with its magnificent natural beauties, unique culture and rich historical past, between the ancient geographies Pamphylia and Lycia coasts, has been in the status of a national park since 1972.

The national park at the starting point of the Beydağları Mountains, which form the Western Taurus Mountains surrounding the Mediterranean coast; It hosts Turkey’s favorite routes such as the Ancient Lycian Way, Çıralı Beach, Yanartaş and Adrasan Beach. The forest, formed by green-red pines and cedars, starts from the summit of the tough mountains rising to the sky and descends to the deep blue Mediterranean coves.

Beydaglari Coastal National Park

Beydağları Coastal National Park stretches along the coast between Antalya’s Kemer and Kumluca districts, one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to summer vacation in Turkey. The national park, where blue and green are almost intertwined and offering stunning views along the way, is one of the important values ​​of Antalya.

Starting from Antalya’s Sarısu region, following the first mountain range running parallel to the Mediterranean, the national park ends at Kumluca Gelidonya Cape. The area of ​​the region, which was declared as a national park in 1972, is 31 thousand 165 hectares.

In the national park, which is located in the part of the young Bey Mountains that form the Western Taurus Mountains, facing the Mediterranean coast, the forest cover, which is red pine in the coastal areas, leaves its place to larch and cedar trees as it rises above the sea level.

In the national park, which is very rich in natural beauties, wildlife and vegetation, 22 of nearly a thousand plant species are endemic to the park. In addition to land mammals such as bears, wolves, foxes, wild goats, lynx, squirrels and porcupines, Mediterranean seals also live on the coasts in the national park region.

One of the most important animal species living in the region is the caretta caretta, which is in danger of extinction. Çıralı beaches around the national park are one of the most important spawning areas of caretta carettas.

The national park, which is popular with its natural beaches, ancient cities, forested areas and beautiful bays, and is flooded by visitors especially in spring and summer, is also a favorite of travelers and tourists interested in camping and nature sports, apart from history and culture trips.

Within the national park, there are three camping areas such as Göynük, Kındılçeşme and Göynük Canyon, hiking trails, viewing points that reveal the fascinating view of the Mediterranean, rock climbing areas that attract adrenaline enthusiasts, and paragliding spots. There are the ancient cities of Olympos, Phaselis and Idyros in the coastal part of the national park, which stretches for 100 kilometers.

The Ancient City of Phaselis was founded by the Rhodesians in the 7th century BC and was an important port city on the eastern coast of Lycia for a long time. It is an ancient settlement where the sea and history coexist with its ancient theatre, agora and baths. Some of the aqueducts carrying water to the city are still standing.

The ancient city, which was under the rule of the pirate Zeniketes for a while, was connected to Rome by Marcus Junius Brutus in 42 BC and served as a bishopric center during the Byzantine period. Seljuks captured this place in 1158. Afterwards, it was completely abandoned in the 13th century due to earthquakes and the importance of the ports of Alanya and Antalya.

Phaselis Bay is a part of the Ancient Phaselis City. The bay, which can be reached by both sea and land, is one of the most popular daily holiday destinations in the Western Mediterranean. The ancient port city, which can be entered by paying an entrance fee, has a fine sandy beach among the trees.

Olympos Ancient City is one of the most famous touristic addresses of Beydağları National Park. The ancient city, named after Tahtalı Mountain, formerly known as Mount Olympos, was one of the six cities with three voting rights in the Lycian League. The ancient city of Olympos, which was divided into two by the Akçay (Olympos) Stream passing through the middle, was an important port city of the region with this feature.

Another feature that makes this ancient city popular, whose establishment date is unknown and most of its ruins are located in the forest area, is to reach Olympos Beach , one of the most beautiful beaches of Antalya, by passing through the ancient city .

Tahtalı Mountain is the only mountain in the world that reaches a height of 2,365 meters at this close proximity to the sea. It is one of the rare spectacle mountains in the world that rises suddenly from the sea and has the best view of the sea. The Lycian Way, which stretches between Fethiye and Antalya, passes from the slope of the mountain.

It is possible to climb the mountain with the Olympos Cable Car located between Çamyuva and Tekirova in Kemer. The summit can also be reached on foot from the Beycik path. At the same time, Tahtalı Mountain is the highest paragliding point in the world.

The Lycian Way is an ancient path stretching between the cities of historical Lycian geography. It has a length of 509 km, starting from Antalya and ending in Fethiye, extending intertwined with nature, sea and history. One of the 10 most beautiful walking routes in the world. 125 km of the road passes in and around the Beydağları Coastal National Park.

Among the must-see places within the borders of Beydağları Coastal National Park are Gelidonya Lighthouse , one of the lighthouses with the most beautiful view in Turkey, Adrasan , the meeting point of Mediterranean blue and green , Çıralı Beach , the nest of caretta carettas , Çıralı with its calm, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and a place that has not been extinguished for centuries . There is Yanartaş , which is also the subject of legends with its fire .

How to get to Beydaglari National Park

Beydağları Coastal National Park covers a large area within the borders of Kumluca and Kemer districts of Antalya . The closest airport to the national park, which can be reached by road or air from outside the city, is Antalya Airport, which serves in Antalya. From here, you can reach the national parks by private car or Kemer buses.

The national park is 50 km from Antalya, 489 km from Izmir , 716 km from Istanbul and 531 km from Ankara. You can come to Kemer or Kumluca by intercity buses from different parts of Turkey and explore the national park. For arrivals by car, the coastline between Antalya’s Kemer and Kumluca districts constitutes the national park area.

Olympos Beydağları National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Turkey, with exquisite views of the Mediterranean. The area around the national park, which attracts attention especially by backpackers and young people, turns travel into a unique pleasure with its archaeological artifacts, lush forests and beaches with clear waters.

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