Kalkan Attractions


1. Kalkan center

The center of Kalkan has a peaceful atmosphere away from the noise and hustle and bustle with its cute little bars and cafes, fish restaurants lined up around the pier, stalls selling handicraft products, clean hostels and hotels, and the fresh sea air. Located in a small bay, every street in the center of Kalkan is delicious.

Two-storey, whitewashed houses are lined up on both sides of the streets that extend from the port. Wooden shuttered houses, courtyards and streets decorated with bougainvillea seem to be intertwined. All the streets descending from the hill lead to the sea. The many small bars, restaurants and cafes on the ground floors of the houses lining the street are all very cool. When there were many people coming and going, many houses became boutique hotels.

The streets lengthen towards a ridge with a bird’s eye view of the sea. The number of houses lined up as terraces on the slope increases every time I see them. When I first visited 15 years ago, the houses on the hillside were like pearls among the green, sparse. Now, when the attraction of the region has increased and the number of people who have settled here has increased, the whole hill seems to be covered in white when viewed from afar.

The elegant structure, which was a Greek Orthodox Church before the population exchange, has become the Kalkan Mosque, which can be seen from everywhere today. The bell of the carved church built in 1897 is now in the Kalkan Village Room. Within a 5-minute walk from Cumhuriyet street, the Mediterranean and Kalkan beach lie in the glamorous blue.

2. Kalkan Beach

Kalkan Beach is a sparkling clean blue flag public beach where you can come across the Caretta turtle while swimming. You will be fascinated when you see the color of the sea, it is crystal clear. That’s why it’s turquoise when viewed from above. Very nice and clean for a public beach. It has features that will make sea lovers happy in every aspect, there is just not much sand.

At the point where the spring water coming from the mountain mixes with the sea, the water is quite cool, and it is very beautiful in the sweltering heat of the summer. On the right, the area towards the marina is warmer. It might make sense to have sea shoes because of the large, round pebbles along the coast. As it gets deep right away, it may not be very suitable for those with small children.

It is a bit crowded on weekends, but there are usually comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas, 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella cost 30 TL. There is a shower. Compared to a relatively expensive place like Kalkan, the prices in the municipal facility next to the beach are reasonable. You can bring your own chair with food and drink and hang out until sunset.

3. Kaputas Beach

Kaputaş Beach , one of the most attractive beaches in the world , is 7 km from Kalkan. A long staircase leads down to Kaputaş, which stands out among the beaches on the Mediterranean coastline with its crystal clear sea water and unique view. At the end of two hundred steps, the sea glides between fine-grained sands on the beach, where the white foamy waves meet.

The bay is not very big, but the sea is beautiful and clean. The beach of the beach, which has a blue flag with its cleanliness and facilities, is pebbly mixed with sand. The entrance to the beach, where the sandy beach is golden yellow, is free. There is no charge for toilets and changing cabins. Two sunbeds and an umbrella are 30TL. You can use the beach free of charge by bringing your own towel.

Located near Kaputaş Beach and discovered in 1972, the Blue Cave is 18 km from Kaş. The 50-meter-long cave is 40 meters wide and 15 meters high. Due to its narrow entrance, the cave, where the sunlight reflecting from the seabed created enormous light plays, could be reached by boats departing from Kaş and Kalkan, but I think visiting was prohibited.

Where is the Kalkan

Kalkan, a neighborhood of Antalya’s Kaş district, is a holiday destination located west of Antalya, opposite the Greek island of Meis, on the Aegean Sea coast.

How to get to Kalkan

Kalkan, located between Fethiye and Antalya, is 27 km from Kaş, 80 km from Fethiye, 210 km from Antalya, 190 km from Muğla, 840 km from Istanbul, 660 km from Ankara and 410 km from İzmir. away. To go to Kalkan, you need to fly either to Antalya Airport or to Dalaman Airport.

How to get from Antalya Airport to Kalkan : If you fly to Antalya, you need to go to Antalya Bus Station by Havaş or tram after landing at the airport and take the West Antalya bus from there. Antalya-Kalkan costs 38 TL and the journey takes 4.5 hours.

How to get to Kalkan from Dalaman Airport : If you fly to Dalaman, you can go to Kalkan in 2.5 hours with the Dalaman-Kaş Shuttle offered by private agencies. Dalaman-Kalkan transportation costs 80 TL. It is also possible to go to Fethiye by MUTTAŞ or HAVAŞ shuttles from Dalaman and then to Kalkan by West Antalya bus.

In Kalkan, where the blue of the Mediterranean and the greenery of nature are generously exhibited, there are so many things to do, so many places to visit and see that this is an Anatolian geography that is almost cut off from paradise.

There is plenty of sun and sea on our Mediterranean coasts, but Kalkan has one of the most beautiful. Kalkan is no longer a fishing village and ongoing construction work has quickly turned it into a town. Bodrum and Marmaris were also fishing villages once, I hope Kalkan can stand as its name on this journey to urbanization and preserve its small and charming state.

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