Places to visit in Alaçatı


Kemalpaşa Street

Kemalpaşa Street is the busiest point of Alaçatı. This is the main artery where the crowd of the bazaar flows. When you enter Alaçatı from the street where the windmills are located and walk towards the crowd, you come across it. Although its name is Kemalpaşa Street, it is closed to traffic and its narrow road looks like a long street.

On both sides of the cobbled street are rows of two-story houses with bay windows. The trademark of Alaçatı, these stone houses are so cute with their unique architecture and flowers hanging from their blue-framed windows that they look like a movie set for postcard shooting.

In Kemalpaşa, there are many boutique hotels, new generation cafes, each more beautiful than the other, restaurants where you say ‘let’s come here to brew even if it’s evening’, and small souvenir shops that make you want to shop. And there are lavender bouquets lined up on a small counter in front of the door, and if it’s the season, purple-flowered artichokes!

In summer, there is no place to step in Kemalpaşa, especially in the evening. Especially during the holidays, it is impossible to be dragged around in the crowd! If you are determined to live on this street in the evening, it is best to decide on the place you will go to and make a reservation in advance.

In the daytime, it is calm, and there are countless photogenic corners available for taking pictures. Take your beautiful clothes with you, and a friend who takes good photos.

Alaçatı Square is a small square on Kemalpaşa street, but it has many visitors. The area around the square is surrounded by restaurants that smell appetizers and bars where light music sounds. The most pleasant part of the square is its blue-white concept that makes you feel like you are in the Aegean!

Imren Patisserie , Alaçatı since 1941. Inspired by traditional recipes, İmren’s desserts are so delicious that sometimes it can be difficult to choose. My favorite is all the gummy sweets, and the Çeşme lemon tart.

Kirli Çıkı Art Gallery is one of my favorite places in Alaçatı. Very nice works were created by using acrylic-collage and digital printing techniques on wooden spoons, trays, slippers and many other items we use in our daily life. If you are interested in artistic works, stop by Dirty Output!

2. Hacimemis Neighborhood

Hacımemiş Mahallesi is the most unique place of Alaçatı. It is the rising star of Alaçatı with its cute cafes and restaurants, antique shops, galleries, ceramic and glasswork workshops and many other venues. Because this neighborhood still carries the spirit of Alaçatı. Far away from the crowds of Kemalpaşa and the square, it is peaceful. It is very enjoyable even to look left and right among the crowd that does not disturb.

It feels good to be on the streets where the bougainvillea sprouts between the walk-in houses. Wander among the restaurants that are being added every day, the art galleries where original works are exhibited, and the tiny Alaçatı bakeries where the smell of mahaleb spreads around the air. I am sure you will love it!

There are no crowded and noisy places like Kemalpaşa Street here, it is a calmer and more serene place. I say enter the antique shops that offer original products one by one.

Mulberry Kahve , in silence under the centuries-old mulberry tree! Taste the delicious appetizers, hit the bottom of the conversation with a glass of raki or their special wines. Even if you don’t drink, a glass of water here will make you forget all the troubles.

Kapari Garden is built in a spacious area, among the stones from the historical mansion. It is a must to taste Hania Pastry, Greek Moussaka, Seafood Linguine, Santorini Fava in the garden that promises delicious tastes on both sides of the Aegean! Tahini cookies won an award.

Dondurmino is a place in Alaçatı where you will be hesitant to choose delicious Italian ice creams. The colorful balls of Dondurmino, which has been in the ice cream industry for 40 years, are perfect for cooling off after wandering the streets of Alaçatı.

Asma Leaf is undoubtedly a place that lives up to its name. In a spacious garden, they cook delicious meals from herbs grown in the region without using too tricky techniques. It is certain that you will feel like a native of Alaçatı at long tables with plenty of conversation in the glass kiosk, where you can taste the Aegean flavors!

3. Alaçatı Market Place Mosque

Alaçatı Pazaryeri Mosque (Ayios Kostantines Church) is actually a church built by Yuhannis Halopas from 1874. The building, which was later used as Pazaryeri Mosque, remained faithful to its original. The icons on the walls of the three-nave basilica are covered with curtains during prayers.

Antiques Bazaar is a bazaar that I recommend antique enthusiasts to visit. Right across from the market place. Authentic items from Anatolia, valuable paintings, decorated vases, candlesticks, victorian style tea and coffee cups… You can find something to suit your taste among a wide variety of vintage items!

4. Alaçatı Houses

Alaçatı Houses has a rightful share in making Alaçatı so popular! Each of them is the main actor of the photo frames taken in Alaçatı. It has a unique style with its architecture consisting of cut stone houses. It is both aesthetic and intimate with its Aegean-inspired doors, colorful jamb windows, and stone walls leaning against each other.

These houses, made of cut stones resembling ‘pumice’, keep them cold in summer and warm in winter. The boutique hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area also use the restored Greek stone houses.


5. Alaçatı Mills

Alaçatı Mills , Alaçatı’s trademark! Stone windmills dating from the 1850s are among the oldest structures here. 4 windmills of different sizes are built on a small hill in the center of Alaçatı. They were used to turn wheat into flour about 100-150 years ago.

Alaçatı’s windmills are an ideal place to have a coffee after touring the streets of Alaçatı, as well as to watch the beautiful sunset and take photos. Next to the windmills, there is a cute cafe that sells food and drinks at affordable prices.

Kumrucu Şevki Alaçatı is one of the famous Alaçatı. It is prepared by putting fried salami, sausage, cucumber and pickled peppers into İzmir Kumru made from chickpea yeast. Its ayran is as delicious as its dove. Refined meat products are not very healthy, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little getaway!

6. Alaçatı Market

Alaçatı Bazaar is a separate pleasure set up in a very large area every Saturday. Vegetables and fruits are incredibly tasty and inexpensive. Those who want to buy vegetables and fruits on the way home should not think about how to carry them, it is worth all the effort.

Apart from vegetables and fruits, it is a very colorful place where quality clothing products and handmade jams and spices can be found. Get delicious natural products from villagers producing in nearby villages. Stop by Jamist Niko at the market and see how delicious jams are made from which products.

7. Alacati Marina

Alaçatı Marina (Alaçatı Port), Alaçatı’s side facing the sea. In the marina in Alaçatı Bay, where the sea reaches the Karşıyaka creek, there are rows of luxury yachts each more looking at the windmills and the Aegean blue.

This is also a living space. Luxurious restaurants by the sea, stylish bistros and cafes with the scent of coffee are the reason why those who come to Alaçatı visit the marina. Moreover, it is on the road from the bazaar to the Windsurf Zone, so it is very close to the surf schools.

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