Dalyan Attractions


Dalyan , located on the Mediterranean coast, is a decent place where the concepts of sea, nature, history and vacation are intertwined. Located between Fethiye and Marmaris, Dalyanis a town with a population of 5 thousand in the Ortaca District of Muğla . It is built on the edge of emerald green reeds and lagoons that stretch between Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea, which is called the Dalyan Strait. Its name is not yet heard, but there are many interesting places that will amaze you when you go.

Next to the town, there are king tombs carved into the rocks, which are unique in the world in terms of architecture. Kaunos Ancient City, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, is right across the town.

Boats gliding through the reeds resembling a labyrinth take you to Iztuzu Beach, one of the best beaches in Europe. There is a wonderful ecosystem here. Deep blue Mediterranean on one side, fresh water on the other. In addition to species such as caretta carettas, blue crabs, and Nile turtles, approximately 180 bird species are part of this ecosystem. Fresh water lakes, reeds, dune ecosystems, sweetgum forests that grow in very few places in the world, limestone rocks decorated with red pine and maquis reveal the ecological richness and geographical beauty of the region.

Kargicak Cove, Aş Cove, Ekincik Cove are the most beautiful places to enjoy the sea. Round Stream, where you will return to your childhood by swinging on the swings built on the tea created by the cool waters coming from the mountains, is another beauty.

There are healing spas in Dalyan, which are said to serve even the sultans. When I think of mud bath, only Muğla Dalyan comes to my mind. People flock here to find healing and rejuvenation.

If you go to Dalyan during the tourism season, there are jeep safari programs in the agencies that sell daily tours in the center. I recommend you join one of them.

You always feel the peaceful atmosphere of small towns in Dalyan. There is also a beautiful bazaar with rows of places and smiling tradesmen. Chirpy in the evenings. The venues are lively and full, but without fuss. Voices of conversation and laughter rise from the guests sitting on the chairs thrown into the street. It is one of our rare resorts where the British still cannot give up on their holiday preference. There are even those who come 3-4 times a season.

Dalyan is a perfect place for a holiday. Sea, sun, sand, history, activity all in one. I’ve been to Dalyan 6 times so far. Every time I go, it’s fun to go back to places I’ve seen before.

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