Alacati Attractions


Alaçatı has become one of the favorite places of holidaymakers, which has become popular recently. It resembles a modern European town with its bay windows built with cut stones and decorated with colorful flowers such as bougainvillea, honeysuckle and geranium. While approximately eight thousand people live in this holiday town, which arouses admiration with its charming architecture unique to the region, this number rises to fifty thousand in the summer months.

This lavender-smelling pretty Aegean town is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. It has a very pleasant atmosphere with its oriel stone houses decorated with colorful windows and doors, cobblestone streets, lavender scented souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants decorated with blue wooden chairs and tablecloths embroidered with local motifs.

Alaçatı , a seaside town in the Çeşme district of İzmir , transforms the spring months into a visual feast with its fragrant flowers decorating its streets. Alaçatı, which takes its name from the Alacaat tribe that lived in the Ottoman period, is an old coastal town where settlement has continued since the ancient period.

It has a deep-rooted history and a magnificent architectural texture. The stone houses of Alaçatı, built between 1850 and 1890, bear traces of Greek and Ottoman architecture. In order to escape the summer heat, it was built in a north-south direction with little sun and plenty of wind. After the exchange, a great change took place.

Alaçatı is a town that adorns the holiday dreams of many of us, although it is a bit of a disappointment to those who go first because of the excessive interest and later touristicity that happens to every famous place. With its new venues, boutique hotels, activities and tastes opened every year,

One of the most important features that makes Alaçatı Alaçatı is that wild construction and high-rise buildings are not allowed. All the buildings you will see all over Alaçatı have been built in accordance with the stone house concept.

The wide area, starting from Hacı Memiş Neighborhood and extending to Kemalpaşa Street, has a holistic aesthetic architecture, including the side streets. The streets adorned with these colorful flowers are crowded with people competing to be photographed, especially on weekends.

İzmir’s Alaçatı town, where every corner reflects a different color and emotion, is a place where you will enjoy getting lost while wandering its streets. On both sides of the narrow cobblestone streets, dazzling stylish boutiques, antique shops displaying the local wealth, restaurants serving the rarest Aegean dishes and extraordinary cafes are lined up.

The night life of Alaçatı, where it is difficult to take a step on the streets during the day, is also very active. After a late breakfast with the first light of the day, everyone gets ready for the night after an afternoon rest in the resort, where they go to the beaches and cafes.

In the center of Alaçatı, many beach clubs that serve as beaches during the day are turning into entertainment venues, as well as restaurants and cafes, most of which offer great tastes accompanied by live music. Alaçatı Port is one of the first destinations for entertainment seekers.

Alaçatı is one of the most special regions of Turkey with its concept boutique hotels reaching 400. In high season, it becomes difficult to find a place in hotels, each of which has a texture, a story and a spirit that complements this story.

Most of the boutique hotels, which make their guests feel special with their colorful decorations, have between 5-15 rooms. Hotels that are far from the crowd and stress, where there is no noise, and which penetrate your soul as soon as you step through the door, are the biggest helpers in your search for peace.

If there is one thing you should do in Alaçatı beyond the list and first, it is to walk the narrow cobbled streets of the charming town. It is a pleasure to walk the stone streets and pass the houses with bay windows that decorate the side streets.

Although this famous holiday resort is one of the first places that come to mind in Turkey when it comes to surfing, it is not by the sea. Therefore, those who want to surf and swim can go to the wonderful Alaçatı beaches and coves, which are about 5-10 kilometers away. Alaçatı Çark Beach and Delikli Bay are among the most famous beaches in this area. If you wish, you can get away from Alaçatı and reach Çeşme Ilıca Beach, which is known for its long sandy beach.

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