10 Places You Must See in Kaş


Established at the foot of insurmountable mountains , Kaş is a paradise with its cobblestone streets, sparkling sun in all seasons, and crystal clear sea. Once you go to Kaş, the westernmost district of Antalya , a seductive spell that one does not want to be separated from again and seduces people. Some of today’s residents are those who have just fallen here and lost their way to the seductiveness of Kaş.

In recent years, the urban destruction caused by population growth and tourism in the Mediterranean has not been affected much in Kaş. Despite everything, Kaş preserves its old architectural texture. While walking, you can feel the spirit of the streets. Let me tell you that once you have tasted the Mediterranean blue in Kaş, you will dream of throwing yourself here again every summer. If you want to follow me on Instagram, my account is @yololmak .

Places to Visit in Kas

The center of Kas is quite small. The town leans against the high mountains. Just in front of it is the harbor where the boats are located. You can visit most of the places to visit in the bazaar in a few hours. You have to go to almost all of the other places either by boat or by private car or minibus.

There is very detailed information about Kas in my Kas Travel Guide blog post. How to Get to Kaş You can find information about transportation in my blog post. It is difficult to find suitable hotels during the summer season and on weekends. Look at the hotels I recommend below, at least 2 weeks before you go.

1. Kas Center

Long Bazaar in the middle of Kas, adorned with old mansions with bay windows, is the most beautiful among Kas streets. The stone-floored street with wooden houses surrounded by bougainvillea enchants its guests with its scenery, places to and fro and cats. The street with small boutiques, antique shops, souvenir shops, jewelers and carpet makers is like the bazaars in Alaçatı and Bodrum, but less crowded and more intimate. All the streets that turn right and left from Uzun Çarşı are very sweet.

At the end of the Long Bazaar, in the shade of the plane tree, stands the Lion Sarcophagus, the most well-known of their unique tomb sarcophagi. Also known as the King Sarcophagus, it belongs to the Lycians who believed in the immortality of the soul and were therefore not afraid of death. Although there are eight lines of Lycian writing on it, no one has been able to read it yet.

Antiphellos is the name of Kaş during the Lycian Civilization, one of the oldest Anatolian civilizations. The ruins of the Antiphellos Ancient City, rock and monumental tombs, and the 4,000-seat theater are within easy walking distance from the center of Kas.

One of the things to do when you go to Kaş is to go to the viewing point on Korkuteli road one evening. Çukurbağ Peninsula, Limanağzı Bay, İnceburun and Uluburun peninsulas and Meis Island just opposite greet you. Green peninsulas, large and small islands and beautiful coves. You can’t get enough of the view at sunset.


Where to go to the sea in Kaş Kaputaş, İnceboğaz, Akçagerme, Hidayet’in Bay, Belediye beach, Limanağzı Bilal’s Place and Nuri’s Beach are beautiful.

Küçükçakıl Beach is a tiny cove in the center of Kaş, there is no entrance fee. Take your towel. If you want a business, there are two opposite each other. There is an obligation to consume 30 lira in both businesses. So you pay for what you eat and drink. Since spring water mixes into the sea, its water is icy but always turquoise.

Büyükçakıl Beach is a beach where regulars usually hang out. 20 minutes walking from the center, 5 minutes by car. The environment is calm compared to other beaches even in the season. The sea is a little wavy. One of the best places to watch the sunset.

Hedayet ‘s Cove, A cove in the shade of olive trees. It is 5 minutes by car from the center and there is a minibus every 10 minutes. Its sea is turquoise and green, and offshore it is Mediterranean blue. Underwater is so fantastic that it is also a diving spot. Sunbeds are 15 liras, umbrellas are 10 liras.

Limanağzı is a quiet area where you can travel from the center of Kaş by tiny boats for 25 liras per person. Three bays are lined up side by side. Bilal’s Place is old, there is no music, it is very green. Olive garden at the back. Suitable for families with children. The other option is Nuri’s Beach.

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