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Heading to Sapanca and wondering the best things to do in Sapanca? I have prepared a guide to places to visit in Sapanca, where I give the best tips to help you plan your Sapanca vacation. In addition to the places to see, I also gave the most suitable Sapanca accommodation options. So, what are the best places to visit in Sapanca? Where to stay?

Sapanca is a charming green district located on the western border of the city, connected to Sakarya in the Marmara Region . Sapanca is preferred especially for daily and weekend holidays with its nature, unique lake, clean air, walking and cycling paths, and skiing opportunities in Maşukiye and Kartepe. Although it has been flooded by Arabs in recent years, it has accommodation alternatives that appeal to every budget.

Sapanca Lake, Maşukiye, Kırkpınar and winter tourism’s favorite Kartepe, being close to the surrounding cities, especially Istanbul, Sapanca is a place with a unique nature where tourism is highly developed. Sapanca Lake, located close to the Kocaeli border, between Adapazarı and Istanbul, has a nature that promises peace in all four seasons and various activities.

Sapanca Lake is located in the north, Sakarya’s central district Adapazarı in the east, Samanlı Mountains, Geyve and Pamukova districts in the south, and Kocaeli central district İzmit in the west, Sapanca is the district with the smallest surface area and the highest population density of Sakarya.

During the Byzantine Empire, it was called Baane Lake (Sapanca Lake), Sophon Mountain (Sapanca Mountain), Sofhan and Sofhange. After the Anatolian Seljuks took control of the region, its name was changed to ‘Ayan Village’. The Byzantines, who reconnected the whole region to themselves as in the past, left the region to the Ottomans in 1326.

Sapanca, which served as an end town of the Ottoman Principality, developed since the 16th century when it was added to the Silk Road route and became one of the main resting points. When Adapazarı became a township in 1646, Sapanca was connected to Adapazarı as a district. Sapanca, which became a municipality in 1923, gained the status of a district after Sakarya became a province in 1957. Its population is around 43 thousand people as of 2020.

Sapanca, which is one of the places preferred by Istanbulites for weekend picnics and rest, is ideal for a village breakfast and fresh trout, as well as its natural beauties, fresh air and exquisite photographic views.

You can have a holiday in Sapanca, which is more focused on gastronomy and pleasure, by taking the time slowly, not in the hustle and bustle. For your accommodation preference, choose more villa type or boutique hotel with Sapanca Lake view. Below the list of places to visit in Sapanca are my hotel recommendations.

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